7 Best Scanner Apps for iPhone and iPad

As the world moves more towards digitization, documents in paper form fail to meet requirements and lack versatility. iPhone scanning apps, in their abundance, offer immediate solutions through a host of customizable features. Documents such as hospital and government forms still have to be printed on paper, and that makes scanner apps the easiest way to share them.

When selecting the best document scanner apps to download, persnickety control amount and text recognition features offer the best insight. While some consumers go for a deeper integration, others focus more on the sleek interface.

Which of these apps fit your needs best? Have a read through the outstanding features.


Evernote Scannable

Price: Free [Download]

Evernote Scannable

If you are looking for a quick way to move your paper forward, Evernote Scannable automatically detects document size and shape before recording. From business cards to contracts and receipts, this free scanner app shares and saves instantly, and on the move.

To scan fast, simply point your phone camera to the paper from any angle. Evernote Scannable saves you time by rotating, adjusting, and cropping automatically. All scans can be clearly read upon retrieval from cloud storage.

Dealing with Documents Professionally

Using this scanner app, one can easily turn business cards into usable contacts. Information is automatically pulled from LinkedIn and business cards, harmonizing your contact list. This application goes further to match these contacts with photos for instant identification.

Encouraging you to go paperless, this app works with ScanSnap, Evernote’s Edition Scanner, to move multiple documents effortlessly.

In an office setting, the compatible scanner can be shared across all colleagues to make transactions faster. Scannable allows you to send documents across a wide array of platforms and other apps.


Adobe Scan

Price: Free with in-app purchases [Download]

Adobe Scan

Far beyond the purview of many scanner apps, Adobe Scan does more than just produce PDF for hardcopy documents. Users enjoy the optical-character-recognition feature, allowing them to edit scanned documents with a simple click.

Making scanning seamlessly easy for you, Adobe Scan features an elaborate 3-page welcome slideshow, introducing you to all available features. To Access the whole set, consumers are required to make a one-time in-store purchase. Signing in is mandatory before enjoying the exclusive services.

Cleaning Up and Straightening Documents

Ranking as one of the best iPhone scanning apps, automatic text recognition only adds to its impressiveness. From the created PDFs, one can copy the text and exploit it in various ways. One can snap printed documents in several modes including Whiteboard, color, or grayscale.

This app is compatible with other apps such as Adobe Reader, making it easier to highlight, format, and look up words in dictionaries and search engines.

To access premium features, users have to make purchases and commit to paid subscriptions.

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Price: Free with In-App Purchases [Download]


A simple tap is all Scanbot needs to generate the highest-quality JPG and PDF scans from QR codes and documents. Files can then be uploaded to any compatible cloud service including iCloud Drive, Evernote, and Dropbox.

All scanned documents feature 200 dpi quality or higher. Through the automation detection and scanning of documents, users save valuable time and can send a fax right from the app. When working with multiple page documents, users can achieve smart file naming to ensure sleek organization.

Scan All Media

As you scan documents, Scanbot extracts and looks up texts at lightning fast speeds. By allowing you to save the documents which matter most, the apps help you free up space by getting rid of unnecessary paper.

No matter the angle at which you hold your iPhone over documents, all end products are refined to be visually appealing. To ensure only the intended document is scanned, this app detects the edges and ignores everything else.

Scanbot makes life easier for students and businesses alike, thanks to the highly customizable features.


Prizmo 4

Price: $9.99 [Download]

Prizmo 4

Supporting the latest iOS features like access to documents, Extensions, and Hands off, Prizmo accords you complete control; you can seamlessly refine scanned documents from multiple devices. One can make use of several extensions such as Read Text, Crop, Capture Text, and Cleanup.

Offering a universal scanning experience, Prizmo uses powerful image enhancers to improve text readability and correction. In a single document, one can add as many pages as they please.

Interactive OCR

The OCR engine is highly engaging in this iPhone scanning app, moving and reshaping regions on the go. The text is automatically updated, making the correction and editing even simpler. All work in progress is secured in the iCloud, making it accessible from anywhere, at any time.

If you rely on other iPhone apps to share, store and organize documents, Prizmo helps you increase productivity. The resulting PDFs can be disbursed in several instant ways, reaching a wider audience in no time.

The state-of-the-art OCR recognizes more than 40 languages; with in-app purchases, you get access to even more. Fully supporting VoiceOver, Prizmo was designed for use by everyone. For the visually impaired, voice guidance proves invaluable.


Office Lens

Price: Free [Download]

Office Lens

Office Lens is excellent at enhancing documents, pictures, and whiteboards. From images, this app can create editable PowerPoint and Word files. This scanner in your pocket works like magic, digitizing hardcopy notes and lifting actionable information from them.

It will be overwhelmingly easier for you to locate business cards and documents from your cloud or internal storage once digitized. Do you often have frequent ideas at the inopportune time? Draw a sketch and scan for later!

All incidence associated with document loss can now be permanently sorted.

Trimming and Cleaning Up Images

Scanned documents are often blurry and lacking in balance; not so with the Office Lens app. When operating in Whiteboard mode, this scanner cleans up all shadow and glares. The Document mode is ideal for trimming color images to perfection.

To access your scanned images from anywhere and at any time, cloud storage options such as OneDrive and OneNote are viable. When scanning business cards, activate the Business Card mode to automatically detect addresses and contact information.

Once documents are scanned, they can be converted to any format as the need be.


TurboScan Pro

Price: $5.99 [Download]

Turbo Scan Pro

TurboScan relies on fast and advanced algorithms, detecting document edges accurately. This sets a perfect contrast for document text and eliminates shadows which would otherwise hamper quality.

The easy-to-use interface is powerful and brightens up on a single touch. Controlling colors and rotating images has been taken to a whole new level with TurboScan. This proprietary scanning mode sharpens scans, bringing out the best in low-light conditions.

By taking three shots of every document, TurboScan gives you the choice of picking what works best for you.

‘Email to Myself’

This handy feature makes it intricately easy to send documents routinely to a location already pre-determined. Uploading to other online storage platforms is also possible and makes documents available at a moment’s notice.

Through all these procedures, no internet connection is required. This further guarantees the confidentiality of all the scanned data, in addition to the impenetrable iPhone security infrastructure.

To generate the best scans every time, users are advised to lay the documents flat in well-lit spaces. A flash should never be used when scanning glossy documents.

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Price: $4.99 [Download]


This handy scanning app instantly turns your iPad or iPhone into a powerful, portable scanner. It supports the scanning, saving, and sharing of documents in JPEG and PDF formats. As an indispensable tool, iScanner has new features like e-sign and OCR to save you time.

With all scans being stored locally in your device, internet connection is not mandatory when moving around. Do you have valuable scans you would rather not be accessed by peeping Toms? One can easily set up passwords and other locking techniques.

This advanced PDF scanner has variable qualities designed to match specific document characteristics.

Document Editing

From the app, users can easily append their signatures on documents as they go. This proves invaluable especially when running expansive businesses with massive resource investment. This smart scanner app also recognizes text, making it easier to find.

Depending on the documents’ content, users can choose between collection and table view modes. With a Wi-Fi printer in place, you can instantly print documents and put them to use. All scans are saved to camera roll, making use of the apps sleek viewing features.

Offering you a global reach, iScanner is compatible with multiple cloud services. With small usability improvements, the latest version is also compatible with iPhone X.



With an abundance of scanning apps in Apple Store, one could mistakenly settle for a mediocre version with limited features. We help you get all the features you need from the most revered and highest reviewed iPhone scanning apps.

Most of the apps are free unless you want access to the premium features offered at affordable prices. We focused on unique features, speed, edge detection, quality, OCR, and sharing options when coming up with the review.

Would you like to know more about scanner apps and how to get the most out of them? Feel free to drop us any questions or comments and we will get back to you.

We look forward to helping you get exactly what you want.

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