9 Best QR Code Reader Apps for iPhone

Applications used in scanning QR codes have proven to be invaluable in an increasingly fast-paced world. People are able to transact at lightning fast speeds, access services instantly, and perform a host of other functions easily.

Although the QR code scanning feature has been included in the native camera app, you may still need an exclusive QR Code reader app for information to be decoded accurately.

From consumer awareness to inventory management, there are countless ways in which we rely on these apps to make our lives easier. When shopping in convenience stores, for instance, scanning barcodes on products gives you all the information you need; your decisions are better informed.

Apps which should feature prominently in your search list include:


#1 QR Code Reader by Scan

Price: Free [Download]

Dubbed as among the most user-friendly and fastest, this app is beautifully designed and comes with no disturbing ads. Even with blurry QR codes, this reader joins the dots instantly and presents actionable information.

This app works by simply opening and pointing your iPhone camera towards the barcode. Users are not required to capture images or press any buttons. Once the code is recognized, a service or product page opens immediately, presenting you with more exploration options.

Extra Features

All QR codes contain a website URL, instantly recognizable by this dedicated reader. Some QR codes also embed contacts and addresses, all which this app singles out and creates a defined storage point.

To ensure all your scans remain secure and easily accessible, a history list of all previous scans exists. One also has the option of synchronizing all other scans contained in their smart devices. Any QR code in your iPhone camera roll can also be scanned from within!

If the environment you are scanning in is dimly lit, feel free to turn on the device light from QR Code Reader app. This app is dedicated to perfection and values customer feedbacks highly.


#2 NeoReader

Price: Free [Download]


Laden with multiple automated features, this exceptional code reader requires no framing or alignment to decipher codes. Details which have been scanned can then be shared across social media platforms or via SMS.

Before visiting websites, NeoReader helps you scan and verify the authenticity. Users can scan email, Wi-Fi, phone numbers, meCards, and more. For a more personalized experienced, users can select their custom scanning sounds.

Integrated Web Browsing

If you have a busy schedule, NeoReader keeps accurate records of scans for you to review later when you have time. While at it, you can create custom QR Codes for your personal blog or business. Sharing scans with family and friends online is easy, allowing them access to helpful information.

By saving you loads of time, NeoReader leaves you with ample time to make critical decisions. In this internet age, all aspects of QR scanning have been automated, leaving you with the least amount of work.

PDF 417, UPC, Data Matrix, and EAN codes are also scanned instantly, with actionable information being lifted and stored separately.


#3 QuickMark

Price: Free [Download]


This QR decoder/ Barcode scanner app is undoubtedly one of the quickest and most effective at engaging smartphones instantly. It functions by unveiling the alphanumeric code beneath the code, which can be anything from a GPS location, calendar events, to web links.

Scanning technology has never been as accurate and smooth as it is in QuickMark. When scans are done and stored, users access a preview which they may choose to open in another application. It acknowledges that commercial data features prominently whenever we make purchases.

Unique Operations Performed

Besides accessing web links, this QR reader allows users to place phone calls without having to exit. Once the information is decoded, you can proceed to send follow up emails to dispense with tasks in no time.

If the QR code contains a GPS location, QuickMark collaborates with Google maps to navigate you without requiring further input. Structured Append barcodes are also instantly recognized, far from the ability of typical QR readers.

Decoded QR codes are arranged neatly in photo album format, granting you easier viewership. Upon making an in-app purchase, users are granted access to bulk scanning. This app also keeps a record of how many times specific codes have been scanned.

When scanning in bulk, this qr code/barcode scanner app intuitively ignores codes which have already been scanned. In the new version, users can now open website links in Google Chrome.


#4 ScanLife

Price: Free [Download]


Whereas shopping can be hard and confusing, this personal shopper helps you access the information needed without having to rely on a sales agent. What’s more? ScanLife also decodes reviews to ascertain the authenticity and performance of products.

Users can now scan for prices and reviews across different online retailers, finding the fairest price effortlessly. If you reside in the US, this QR code reader app will also decode the nutritional values of all consumables, helping you make sound dietary decisions.

Generate More QR Codes

If the features present in the app prove too basic for you, visit the ScanLife website for deeper code analytics and highly advanced features. While the app actively collects data meant to personalize advertisements, one can optionally turn this off by limiting ad tracking.

If you notice your battery draining faster with the use of this application, turning off the GPS locator can help salvage the situation. The iPhone devices on which the app runs on must be equipped with iOS 7.1+.

Regular updates to the application are made automatically, giving you the best QR scanning experience every time.


#5 ShopSavvy

Price: Free [Download]


Over the years, ShopSavvy has proved to be an excellent barcode scanner app with the user’s best interest at its core. After downloading the app, you will be required to register an account through which all QR scans will be categorized and arranged.

The database of products extends beyond functionality into convenience, a feat which many apps cannot beat. Depending on the code, this app may either open the information page or direct you to a browser which can.

Search Over 400 Categories

To make your shopping experience a rewarding one, ShopSavvy has a TopTenReviews editorial team in place, tasked with gathering a wide range of reviews. You can now enjoy shopping experiences in more than 20,000 online stores.

There are many bonus provisions which come with using this app for shopping, seeing as it is purposely designed to refine the entire experience. There are several retailers who offer cashback deals to shoppers scanning products and services using this reader.

ShopSavvy continues to introduce new and trendy features, all while keeping bugs and lags to negligible minimums. The Search Tab is dedicated to bringing up the best product in each category. Users no longer have to go through mounds of information.


#6 Quick Scan Pro

Price: $0.99 [Download]


Unknown to many shoppers, they often pay more for products and services than they have to! Quick Scan Pro bridges this gap by thoroughly reviewing 1000+ stores within your locality at all times. By focusing on a smaller radius, the app gives valuable information where you can scan product codes.

The merchants and brands dealing locally within your area can offer great discounts to this targeted niche. After making the first in-app purchase, this application pays for its maintenance throughout use; updates are scheduled regularly.

Superior QR Scanning Features

As you continually use the app, one can freely create several wish lists to place at a later time. All the functions needed to make QR scanned data useful can be executed from the app, saving time and unnecessary navigation.

By categorizing all scanned codes by price, location, and discounts amongst other parameters, following up on competitive products becomes incredibly easy. Every successful scan is marked by a vibration or beep of choice.

Stability and performance are consistently being improved, matching up to the evolving consumer expectations. Placing big purchases through this app earns you substantial discounts and gives you full value for money.

#7 Inventory Control

Price: Free [Download]

Inventory Control Scanner

This powerful QR scanner customizes your inventory and in extension, shopping experience. As you move around the warehouse, the app keeps track of the location of all scanned items should you wish to purchase later.

iCloud support and data synchronization with other apps ensure information scanned is accessible from several other outlets. If you run a business, customers can be billed in real-time through easy iCloud invoicing. It can also operate offline, hosting all the scans locally.

Data Sorting and Organization

Item information is stored orderly and in quickly accessible locations, with options for theme color selection. The ‘sort and group’ feature is the easiest way to organize different data sets. When shopping, users can trade in several international currencies with a favorable exchange rate.

Users can also mark items as non-taxable or taxable, avoiding legal implications which might arise due to the improper filing. Email and other reports can be printed with AirPrint, improving efficiency even further.

New features are periodically being added to enrich the experience and automate more aspects. Compatibility extends to all iDevices and users have the option of selecting between ultimate and premium packages.


#8 BarCloud Pro

Price: Free [Download]


As you move around the world, BarCloud QR Code reader provides a seamless way of managing assets and inventory at any time. Working with your online account, this app is efficient in handling personal inventory as it is in securing corporate data.

Once pinned, inventory is tracked in real-time to its intended destination. When placing online purchases, this is invaluable in ensuring that you receive exactly what you ordered. Asset Maintenance is performed at scheduled times to bolster its performance.

Easy-To-Use Interface

For first-time users, you will not require any special instructions on how to immediately use this QR code reader app. The creation and distribution of unlimited configurable reports are possible within BarCloud Pro. If you wish to preserve your battery for longer, remember to terminate the app’s running in the background.

For all inventory transactions to be authorized, this app comes with signature capturing capability. Initially, users are given a period within which to test the app’s performance and its suitability to the tasks at hand. If satisfied, you can then purchase premium services.

As the web model conforms to product advertisement and sale, this app is on a constant path to appealing to user interests. The handling of stock and asset notes features prominently throughout.


#9 Scan to Spreadsheet

Price: $5.99 [Download]

Scan to SpreadSheet

In this data age, both businesses and individuals need to create spreadsheets to keep inventory and finances in check. This app proves invaluable in event attendance, marketing, and other instances where a list is required.

All scans which are made have GPS locations attached, making it easier to go back should it become necessary. The Delimiter/Parse feature can be used to generate different columns for varying items. All scanned QR codes can be accessed through Google Sheets and are stored in Google Drive.

New Validation Feature

Besides recording all fiscal details regarding every scan, the new validating feature ensures that no scan is repeated. By matching constantly, the number of scans in your storage remain characteristically low; quality precedes quantity.

This app can also be used in various ways by users, with some reportedly relying on it to track their runs (scanning each run and recording it). The user interface has easy operation features, allowing you to transact within seconds.

With no need to save QR scans every time, you have more time on your hands to focus on other aspects of your business and personal life. There are many free and in-app purchase templates to start you off.



Not every QR Code Reader is a good fit for your iPhone. Even with some app developers claiming to own the ultimate product, a lot goes into deciding which app to download or purchase. All the apps reviewed here have no commitment requirements; users can opt in or out at any time.

If you are a business which deals in massive scanning and tracking, there are simple applicable options to effect immediately. There is no limit to the number of QR codes which can be scanned and stored for later reference.

Are there any questions still lingering on the reviewed QR scanning applications? We would be more than obliged to answer them satisfactorily. Get in touch with us today!


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