The 15 Best Puzzle Games for iPhone & iPad

Puzzles have come a long way since the first puzzles were invented in the 1970s. Over 250 years have passed by, jigsaw puzzles have branched out into various puzzle games. And we’ve also seen the transformation of the medium, from wood to electronics.

More than its fascinating origins, puzzles have been scientifically proven significant to human development, that parents are highly recommended to teach their toddlers and young children through puzzles. And as we grew older, we’re still in awe of how puzzles work.

In today’s age, we have everything in the palm of our hands; puzzles are no exception. We’ve listed some of the best puzzle games for your iPhone. You can check them out below:

1. Monument Valley 2

Monument valley 2

Monument Valley 2 is a chimerical adventure game of architecture puzzles that has a whole new different narrative from the original title. It’s more consistent and refined than the predecessor, centering on Ro’s journey in teaching her kid about the enigmas of the valley. Like the original title, Monument Valley 2 needs you to solve the valley’s complex pathways to bring you closer to your goal. Enjoy the stunning puzzles and the melodic audio.

Download –  Price: $4.99


2. Alphabear 2


The original Alphabear was excellent and this Alphabear 2 is even better than the first one. If you haven’t played this game, then it’s an English word puzzle game that was highly praised and with good reason.

Each level starts with a bear or multiple bears surrounded by letter tiles. When you spell words by using letters that are adjacent to each other, you grow your score. The tiles become empty space and your bears will grow to fill the space left. Each tile is also on a timer that will turn into rock eventually, impeding the growth of the bears.

You will win new bears for your collection when you reach a high score milestone. Each bear will help you in future games, some can increase the points you earn, while some others can extend your timer or modify the game board.

Download – Free


3. Donut County


Donut County is a curiously relaxing physics-based puzzle game that revolves around two very satisfying activities: making a mess and cleaning it up. You play as BK, a hole-driving raccoon who manipulates a hole, moving it around to eat everything in its path.

While you eat things, the hole will also get bigger. The idea is you must carefully choose what items to chomp first. For each object that you want to swallow, you will need to solve a simple physic puzzle, like wiggle them to coax them down. Eventually, you will be able to suck down everything.

Download – $4.99


4. Splitter Critters


Splitter Critters is a Lemmings-style puzzle game that does things differently. Your job is to help cute little critters reach their UFO and escape each stage. By swiping your finger, you can tear the screen in half and then guide them back to their spaceship by moving the pieces. Splitter Critters is inventive, well-presented, and most importantly, fun. I recommend giving Splitter Critters a try if you like puzzle games but want something that stands apart from the rest.

Download – $2.99



Framed 2

If you have played the original FRAMED, you know what to expect here. The game progresses through a series of puzzle and cutscenes. And you’re shuffling around the comic-style panels which are the puzzle scenes to solve. You can change the order or position of the panels by dragging and rotating them. The outcome of the story will change based on the order of the panels. In particularly challenging scenes, you might need to reuse a panel or two.

Like the first Framed, this second installment has a lot of fun puzzles in addition to more cutscenes and more art. It brings the concept to a whole new level of balance and entertainment.

Download – $4.99


6. Gorogoa


The premise of the game is simple: a boy sees a mysterious creature, which is also called Gorogoa, fly outside of his window and past nearby buildings. For the rest of his life, he’s always wished to see it again so he attempts to follow it and decrypt the mysteries.

In the game, you’re presented with four panels, each showing a different image, which is a hand-drawn picture. You must find a way to connect them, in order to progress forward. You can zoom in each image, move them around, and put one panel onto the other to complete the game. The idea is simple. However, these mechanics that allow various creative ways to solve the challenges will definitely make puzzle-solvers amaze.

Download – $4.99


7. Tetris Blitz

Tetris Blitz is Electronic Arts’ take on the world’s most popular tile-matching puzzle game, Tetris. It’s action-packed with impressive graphics and some extra features, which makes it a cut above other iterations there is. There are tons of exciting power-ups in the game to motivate you to go further in the game, plus different modes to suit your own playstyle. Whether you want to play against friends or shoot your way to the leaderboard, Tetris Blitz will surely take your tile-matching experience to the next level.

Download – Free


8. 1LINE


1LINE is literally a game where you draw varying shapes with 1 line only; it’s the one and only rule, regardless of where you start. There are 15 levels and a total of 850 stages for you to work on. As you move to a new level, the difficulty rises. At first glance, it might seem simple but it’s actually mind-boggling, something that will require deep focus. But it’s not without benefits, of course, because 1LINE will surely train your train your brains, whether you play it before turning in, on your way to work, or even on the toilet.

Download – Free


9. Homo Machina

Homo Machina

Highly inspired by German avant-garde scientist Fritz Kahn, Homo Machina dives deeper into the inner workings of the human body. From start to finish, Homo Machina resembles a gargantuan factory where you have to solve various puzzles relating to how each body part works — what the nose smells, what the tongue tastes, what the ear hears, etc. At the end of each level, you should get pretty much a clear visual breakdown of how your entire body operates.

Download – $2.99


10. Moonlight Mahjong Lite

Moonlight Mahjong Lite is a virtual reality 3D mahjong game that works exactly like the real-life mahjong game, but with different levels. Intuitive touch gestures allow you to easily zoom in/out and tilt and turn tiles. Because it’s 3D, mahjong experience on your iPhone makes it more involved and entertaining. Since there no limits to how long you can play the game, Moonlight Mahjong Lite is perfect for killing some idle time, whether you’re on the road or waiting at the airport.

Download – Free


11. Candy Crush Soda Saga

After the smash hit Candy Crush Saga shattered records in 2012, Limited shortly released the sequel Candy Crush Soda Saga in 2014. Like the original title, Candy Crush Soda Saga retains the match-three gameplay, except it ain’t only filled with candies but with sodas and candy bars as well. Candy Crush Soda Saga needs you to match 3 candies in a row. Match 4 or more to earn special candies. You can play this game either alone or with friends.

Download – Free


12. Free to Fit

Free to Fit is another tile-matching puzzle on the list that’s reminiscent of the classic Tetris game. Rather than banking on complex gameplay, the game developer goes down the child’s play route based on the 10 x 10 rule. Free to Fit needs you to drag and drop blocks to form a 10 x 10 horizontal/vertical line. The completed line of blocks will be removed from the board, earning you points. Once the board is filled with blocks to the brim, the game is over.

Download – Free


13. Panda Pop

Play as a little cutesy panda bear and pop some clump of colorful bubbles in over 2,000 levels. Panda Pop works pretty straightforward. Point the bubble in your hand towards the cluster of bubbles of the same color and shoot. Remember, you need to rescue some little cubs from the evil baboon so make popping of those bubbles a serious business.

Download – Free


14. Unblock Me

Unblock Me

Packed with over 18,000 unique puzzles, Unblock Me is the real test to train your brain to become more responsive and systematic. Unblock Me has 5 levels, and in each level, your only goal to unblock the red block out of the board by sliding the surrounding boards out of the way. You can play in two different modes — Multiplayer where you get to play against your friends or family, and Daily Puzzles where you face 1 puzzle every day.

Download – Free


15. 100 Logic Games

Whether Sudoku is your thing or not and you’re looking for a change, look no further. 100 Logic Games works almost the same with the logic-based, combinatorial number-placement puzzle, except that you’re not only working with numbers. 100 Logic Games has over 100 different types of puzzle games to sharpen your mental greatness, from the basic puzzles to the nerve-wracking ones.

Download – Free



Tons of puzzle games are available on the App Store. The best ones don’t automatically mean they’re not free-to-play as shown on this list.

That’s it for the best puzzle games for your iPhone. Which one do you like the most? Share it in the comments below!


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