The 9 Best Piano Apps for iPhone & iPad

Looking for the best piano apps for iPhone? You are probably searching for the best piano apps for iPhone because you want to learn how to play the piano. Look no further, we got you covered on this list.

Learning how to play the piano is not a walk in the park at all, let alone learning it all by yourself with a cumbersome keyboard at home. One of the main advantages of learning the piano through a mobile app is that it allows you to learn all the ins and outs easily, even without a tutor.

While there are a lot of piano apps for iPhone that available on the App Store, what you might be looking for is the one that can help you from the ground up. But regardless of your skill level, we have curated a list of amazing piano learning apps that you can download now. Here are our nine best piano apps for iPhone:

1. Simply Piano

Price: Free [Download]

Simply Piano

Simply Piano is one of the most popular piano learning apps on the App Store. Here you get access to both basic and advanced lessons, including understanding the sheet music, key association, and playing piano with both hands. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, Simple Piano is ideal for anyone who does not have the luxury of time to learn piano.

In addition, Simply Piano lets you personalize your training so you can learn the craft at your own pace. To make your training more convenient, the app has its own library of popular songs so you do not have to leave the app anymore. And the best thing about this? It listens to you as you play so it can guide you on how to improve yourself.

2. Piano by Yokee

Price: Free [Download]

Piano by Yokee

Piano by Yokee is another popular piano learning app on the App Store. Its major selling point is its easy to use interface, helping you learn your lesson as quick and easy as possible. It even allows you to play with your friends for accountability purposes. You can select a song from its library and compete against each other who plays the song better.

Piano has a laundry list of songs you can play, ranging from the timeless piano classics to the pop songs of today and kids’ songs. Every day, a new set of songs are upload so you have more options.

3. Piano Maestro

Price: Free [Download]

Piano Maestro

Piano Maestro is developed by JoyTunes, the same developer that made Simply Piano. Piano Maestro, however, is designed to be more engaging and practicing as it has a game type of interface so it makes learning more fun.

As you pass through every chapter, you gain skill points which allow you to unlock many interesting features. Apart from the basic lessons and the library of songs, Piano Maestro also gives you feedback after playing a piece.

Piano Maestro is one of the best piano apps for iPhone; in fact, it was once named as the best educational app by Apple. Even professional pianists and piano teachers use Piano Maestro as a resource lesson.

4. The Piano

Price: Free [Download]

If you are looking for a comprehensive piano app for iPhone, The Piano is a great option. Whether you want to use it for a rehearsal, performance, or practice, The Piano is the ultimate mobile keyboard that you pull out anytime, anywhere. The Piano has a key size that is adjustable to your liking, note labels, xylophone, and toy piano for your kids.

From songwriters to music teachers to singers, The Piano has its own dedicated followers, so as a beginner, you are guaranteed to use an app that is tried and tested to hone your musicality and creativity. You can even record your playing, save it, and play it back to see how you are faring.

5. Piano 3D

Price: Free [Download]

Piano 3D

Piano 3D has all the basic and advanced features of a piano app for iPhone. However, these features are not what it is all about. Piano 3D is known for its selection of piano instruments that you can use for free.

What more, Piano 3D allows you to create your own songs, record them, and share them via social media channels. If you want the best piano apps for iPhone that can do more than meets the eye, Piano 3D is an excellent choice.

6. Piano With Songs

Price: Free [Download]

Boasting the largest song catalog of any piano on the App Store, Piano With Songs has to make it to our best piano apps for iPhone list. The app allows you to choose from thousands of your favorite songs and play them right away.

Regardless of your skill level, Piano With Songs is an incredible app to learn piano with revolutionary interactive music experience. We are talking about playing with a band, a feature that no other piano apps on the App Store can do. Play with a band means you have drums, guitars, and other musical instruments playing as you work the piano.

7. Grand Piano Keyboard

Price: Free [Download]

Grand Piano Keyboard is not the best of all the entries on this best piano apps for iPhone list. However, it sure deserves a spot primarily due to its simplicity and ease of use.

The goal of Grand Piano Keyboard is just to help you learn how to play popular songs on your iPhone. It has a wide range of songs that you can practice on, plus new songs are uploaded on a regular basis.

Of course, it has all the basic lessons you might need. Grand Piano Keyboard features sophisticated learning mode, watch mode (watch and listen), adjustable learning speed, free play mode (regular piano), hand selection, scrollable keyboard, integrated metronome, customizable piano sound, and more.

8. Real Piano

Price: $2.99 [Download]

If you are looking for authentic grand piano sound quality, Real Piano can do the talk for you. Real Piano allows you to customize your key labels and tune your keys easily. The full 88-key keyboard is accessible during play with touch-to-slide and pinch-to-stretch functionality.

Select from the four types of sounds to play it–piano, flute, organ, and guitar. It also plays bass, harp, music box, and marimba. In addition, the app allows you to record and share your music, control settings remotely through a third-party app, and view real-time score notations. However, the recording functionality does not have a save feature.

Whether you are a professional in the music industry or looking to learn how to play the piano for the first, Real Piano is a great app to begin with.

9. Piano HD

Price: Free [Download]

Piano HD

If learning to you means you play at your own pace, Piano HD is for you. It has two modes that will help you with your speed, that is, the practice mode and the perform mode.

The practice mode waits for you to press the key and then the song is played entirely by you by looking at the indicators. In the perform mode, the app continues to play the song even if you fail to hit the right key.


That’s a wrap for our best piano apps for iPhone list. Do you have your favorite piano app already? Let us know in the comments!

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