The 5 Best Photo-to-PDF Apps for iPhone

Are you looking for the best photo-to-PDF apps for iPhone? Look no further because we have broken down an amazing list of apps that you can download from the App Store.

While there are not a lot of photo-to-PDF apps for iPhone, many scanner apps are actually capable to import photos from your iPhone’s Photos app and convert them into PDFs. But why not just use a scanner app to directly scan and save documents, photos, whiteboard or blackboard notes, and more?

Well, using scanner apps for iPhone to scan documents and make a PDF is an efficient way. But not all scanner apps can do a great job at capturing images. Smart users find a great workaround by taking advantage of iPhone’s camera technology to take sharp images before importing these images to scanner apps to make PDFs.

Best Photo-to-PDF Apps for iPhone

Without further ado, here are 5 of the best photo-to-PDF apps for iPhone:

1. Microsoft Office Lens

Price: Free [Download]

Office Lens is a scanner app developed by Microsoft, so if you are a power user of Microsoft services, it is a great addition to your arsenal. It automatically uploads your photos and PDF to OneDrive, but it supports other cloud storage apps as well.

Office Lens can convert your photos into Word and PowerPoint documents that you can edit. Likewise, it is really good at enhancing your photos and make them more readable, making it perfect to use for photos of whiteboards that have glares and flashes which tends to soften or blur texts and images.

Use the Whiteboard mode to sharpen photos and remove glares and shadows. Use the Document mode to trim and apply colors to images. Use the Business Card mode to extract contact information and save it into your phone’s address book.

However, I do have a couple of gripes with the app. First, importing multiple photos from your iPhone’s Photos app is not possible as the app only allows importing one photo at a time, which takes a lot of time for a heavy user like me. Second, the lack of an option to modify a colored document to black and white or lighten or darken a document is a bit disappointing. And third, it does not support auto scan for quick scanning of documents.

But overall, Office Lens is one of the best free photo-to-PDF apps for iPhone.

2. Adobe Scan

Price: Free [Download]

Adobe Scan is one of the best photo-to-PDF apps for iPhone that is free to download and use. With built-in optical character recognition (OCR) technology, Adobe Scan automatically detects texts and borders for a seamless and precise scanning experience, giving a photo or PDF scan that is clear and sharp.

With access to your iPhone’s Photos app, you can simply search for photos of receipts and other documents on Adobe Scan and turn them into PDF scans. You can also use Adobe Scan to transform any documents–notes, receipts, photos, contracts, whiteboards, and business cards–into a PDF. All basic editing functionalities like crop, rotate, and color adjustments are also available on the app.

What makes it a powerful scanner, even more, is its ability to edit and reuse texts from your PDF and photo scans. And if you have multi-page documents and you want them saved as one, you can do so with a single tap.

As an Adobe product, Adobe Scan has been blessed by the company’s commitment to making its digital tools as useful to the users as possible. Even as a free scanner app for iPhone, Adobe Scan can be integrated with Adobe CC and Document Cloud, which allows you to seamlessly work across your Apple devices.

If you want to do more with Adobe Scan, you can upgrade to Adobe Scan Pro for $9.99 per month. Premium features include the ability to export PDF.

3. Genius Scan

Price: Free [Download]

Genius Scan intelligently detects pages, corrects orientation and perspective, remove backgrounds, and enhances images. It is a powerful scanner app in itself as it can seamlessly do batch scanning in a matter of seconds.

So whether you are going to use it for scanning contracts, business cards, whiteboard, notes, recipes, memos, or book pages, it is extremely easy and convenient to use Genius Scan. And you can protect them as well with your iPhone’s Touch ID or using a password.

4. Scanner Pro

Price: $3.99 [Download]

Scanner Pro is a premium scanner app for iPhone that allows you to import photos from your phone’s Photos app. Using what it called Scan Radar, importing your photos becomes very convenient because it will just automatically find photos of documents and receipts in your photo library.

Like any other scanner apps for iPhone, Scanner Pro has a built-in OCR technology that automatically recognizes printed and handwritten texts and borders and corrects distortion and geometry. And it allows you to search for words in images and then copy and edit them if you want to.

It can enhance your photos to make printed and handwritten texts and images clearer and more readable. To compare the original and enhanced version of your photos, it has a toggle to easily switch in between photos.

After saving your photos as PDFs, you can protect them with passwords. Unfortunately, Scanner Pro does not keep a copy of your previous scans which makes it hard if ever you need to go back.

5. PDF Photos

Price: Free [Download]

If you are looking for pure-bred photo-to-PDF apps for iPhone, I can’t recommend PDF Photos enough. It is free and easy to use, plus it has everything you need in photo-to-PDF apps for iPhone.

PDF Photos easily converts photos and share with anyone via social media, AirDrop, or cloud storage apps. What is cool about it is that you have the option to choose a photo layout and preview it before converting and sharing it. You can either choose one per page, add multiple photos in a grid, or customize a photo grid layout and then add texts on it.

PDF Photos is so great in that it allows you to label your documents with a cover page, header, and footer. On top of that, you can resize images and adjust image quality to reduce image file size.


That’s all for the best photo-to-PDF apps for iPhone. Which one do you think you will be downloading? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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