9 Best Offline Maps Apps for Your iPhone

As you travel to a new place, your biggest worry is probably getting lost! If it happens to be a destination with a foreign language, everything becomes much more complicated. Offline maps apps are an easy way out, accessible from any destination in the world.

When traveling, iPhone users can now download a range of maps beforehand to avoid all the confusion. Most premier apps allow for the continued use of maps even when offline. Customers should be very selective of the user interface; everything else rides on it.

Here is a brief review of the best offline maps apps to help you navigate through unchartered territories. There are so many places to go and equally many cultures to experience.

Pocket Earth Pro

Price: $4.99 [ Download ]

Apart from offering you excellent and highly elaborate maps, Pocket Earth Pro comes with actionable travel guides. You will not have to worry about being offline as the app works perfectly through GPS. When abroad, there will be no unexpected data roaming charges.

Users are treated to a galore of irresistible Retina-quality maps in sizes conforming to your iPhone screen. Maps are highly interactive, presenting you with actionable prompts on which to act. You can now view offline maps covering more than 100,000 global destinations.

Personalize Maps

If you have come across irritating maps with too much unnecessary information, it won’t be the case with Pocket Earth Pro. Users are at liberty to personalize the presentation of information, avoiding the messy clutter.

At every turn, a voice guides you through online routing, going further to calculate the estimated time of arrival. These and many more functions are all available even when offline, seeing some international travel destinations have incompatible networks.

Travelers and adventurer alike have something to look forward to in this premium app. Topographical maps can be accessed through in-app purchases.


Price: Free [ Download ]


This popular traveling app is a trusted companion for more than 90 million users worldwide. With such a huge client base, the developer remains on their toes to generate new updates in line with evolving travel needs.

Once maps are downloaded, they can be used without an Internet connection. Unlike many other offline maps apps, consumers are not required to purchase maps before use. Premium features remain open across the board.

Reliable and Fast

Maps have been optimized to save on space while improving efficiency and inclusivity. Point of interest often left out in other apps, such as hiking trails, are incredibly detailed. If there are areas you frequent, feel free to save bookmarks.

Every day, millions of free contributors update OpenStreetMap, the platform from which maps are sourced. This is an alternative to Apple or Google Maps, also popularly used. Whether you are at home or traveling, maps always come in handy.

There are many categories in this app to choose from, ranging from tourist attractions to public transport means.


Price: Free [ Download ]


Offering you what other maps apps will not, GPSmyCity comes with quality travel articles to make your stay even more interesting. In more than 600 cities, the app has self-guided walking tours; this saves you money you would have otherwise spent on a guide.

Courtesy of the offline maps readily available, users receive updated descriptions of the places they wish to visit. There are countless insider tips every step of the way, most of which do not need an internet connection to top up.

Main Features and Highlights

Besides the thousands of travel guides at your disposal, GPSmyCity has tourist routes clearly spelled out in the map. From one sight to the next, you will receive turn-by-turn walking directions to ensure your safe arrival.

If in doubt as to whether you are proceeding in the right direction, simply use the ‘FindMe’ feature to show your exact location on the map. You can also come up with self-guided walking tours before traveling; the app caters for most inputs, you only have to specify desired destinations.

Bus tours are basically obsolete if you have this app on your iPhone. Even when offline, you will still enjoy guided tours and so much more! There are flexible annual subscriptions to choose from.

CityMaps2Go Pro

Price: $9.99 [ Download ]


When preparing to travel to new places, CityMaps2Go will prove to be a worthy companion. There are now over 20 million users around the world vouching for the excellent services they receive.

Many travelers prefer to use this travel app over other primarily due to the in-depth content.

There are photos along with numerous tips, a feature which most of its competitors lack. This app operates in 150+ countries, covering over 60,000 destinations and 50 million locations. When you go offline, it continues working without a hitch, guiding you all through.

Plan Trips Easily

Planning a trip involves picking out specific locations you would like to visit along the way. CityMaps2Go offers you a guided platform on which you can specify the bikeways, streets, or footpaths to follow.

Maps in this app are highly detailed, complete with several travel guides to go. Regardless of your location, you can now download maps as and when you need them. Complete plans can be shared freely on social media sites.

For those who are adventurous, the app presents simple ways to search and discover. While at it,  sync with all your devices. Users can now enjoy simplified editing and the use of Emojis.


Price: Free [ Download ]


For effortless navigation through any city, this free app is ultimately reliable. It avails to you the most convenient ways to get around, alongside detailed routes. When you are relaxed, you can take your car, subway, or bus to your destination.

When in a hurry, HERE WeGo gives you options to hail a cab or select car sharing. A dedicated panel displays prices for easier comparison. These and many more recommendations come to you at no extra cost.

Better Guidance, Smarter Planning

Before setting out, HERE WeGo displays all the information you will need along the way. It works on GPS to bring up suggestions just when you need them. If there will be traffic delays or limited parking spaces, the app guides you appropriately.

As you drive, HERE WeGo provides voice guidance to ensure your attention remain singular. All traffic information provided is live, an effort which is increasingly lessening congestion. While this function requires an internet connection, most others do not.

No matter what comes up, you will always have the flexibility to travel comfortably. The app has a trove of public transit info for more than 1,300 cities globally.


Price: Free [ Download ]

When using Yandex, travelers can navigate while offline. The information brought forth describes organizations, routes, and other distinguishing characteristics. Traffic information is up to date, helping you steer clear off snarl-ups.

This app allows you to locate places with unprecedented ease. There are dedicate filters set up to sift through the huge database. Users can go further to review specific details such as dates and contacts in individual map locations.

Customized Map View

If you wish to view color-coded congestion in your maps, simply select the traffic icon. Along with your route, Yandex shows you available parking spots as soon as they come up. The most powerful satellites are used to give you an unrivaled city view.

A street-level panorama view is also available, proving useful when traveling on foot. Routes designated for drivers and pedestrians are clearly marked as such; this significantly improves safety on the roads. Users will arrive at their destinations sooner than expected.

The new version now launches even faster, taking only milliseconds to load highly detailed maps. A new winter season feature makes previously inaccessible places reachable.

Google Maps

Price: Free [ Download ]

Google Maps

Ranking as the leading navigation app, Google Maps has all the information a traveler would need. For daily use, the app maps out the best routes to follow and provided an accurate ETA. Traffic conditions are accessed continually to give you the latest actionable figures.

Automatic rerouting easily directs you through the least congested roads to save you time. Lane guidance is in place to ensure you never miss exits. For tourists, the app finds top-rated restaurants complete with honest customer reviews. There are many refreshing pit stops along the way.

Google Maps Difference

These maps are arguably the most advanced in the world, offering users a rare and personalized experience. Offline maps can be used for navigation at no extra data roaming charge, much to the joy of travelers.

Google also has indoor maps to restaurants and all other places of interest. While at it, feel free to make reservations without leaving the app. Once favorite places have been saved, they can be accessed from any device with an internet connection.

While Google Maps presents you with information on 15,000+ cities, not all features are accessible from all countries. Business plays a huge role, with more than 100 million establishments listed.

Galileo Offline Maps

Price: Free (With In-App Purchases) [ Download ]

Galileo Offline Maps

Galileo Offline Maps are updated monthly, bringing on board a treasure trove of actionable information. The app runs on data obtained from the OSM project, categorizing locations to suit different traveler needs.

Eve when conducting offline searches, the app remains incredibly fast; there are numerous suggestions as you type. Objects can be found in multiple languages depending on your global location. This and other data can be synchronized to appear in all your other iDevices.

Navigation and GPS Tracks

Novice users are given turn-by-turn directions to wherever they are going. Voice instructions prove crucial especially when driving, helping you to focus on the road. There are best route navigations for vehicles, bicycles, and people on foot. Automatic rerouting will get you back on course.

If there are intermediate points in your itinerary, the app included them and designates routes to reach them. Trips are recorded even as the app runs in the background, keeping track of all your movements and interactions. There are 7 solid track colors users can choose from.

There are many smaller features all working harmoniously to make your tips more fulfilling. For instance, one finger zooming takes care of instantaneously needs.

Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps

Price: Free (With In-App Purchases) [ Download ]

Sygic GPS Navigation Maps

Sygic Navigation is arguably the most advanced app used by travelers and adventurers around the world. There are free map updates at periodic intervals throughout the year, giving you the latest information to work on.

Besides getting you to places, this app is big on safety and ensures the traveler’s peace of mind all the while. Whether you are on foot or driving, GP navigation conforms to your mode of transport and presents the correct theme to match. If there are upcoming speed limits, you are notified.

Save Money While Traveling

This app suggests to you the best and exact places to park, leaving you with pocket change for other needs. You can also select your fuel type to get directions to the locations offering the least price. If there are upcoming speed cameras, you will receive advance notification to adjust appropriately.

There will be no roaming charges when using maps in international destinations and even locally. Features which are preserved for the premium category can be test-driven for the first week after download. Feel free to subscribe to the Lifetime Premium license.

All add-on features will require an internet connection. Saved bookmarks and travel documentary can then be shared freely on social media sites.

Final Word

As you plan your next trip, offline maps apps will come in handy and save you agony. These apps have been refined to fit personal user needs, conforming to your way of life in a few clicks. While there are other apps claiming to offer excellent services, none can beat this comprehensive list.

When will your next trip be? It does not matter where since you will be covered! With one of these apps, you can forget entirely about hiring expensive guides to tell you what is freely available on the internet.

If you have any queries regarding price, download, or features, kindly reach out to our support team. You stand to learn so much more through direct correspondence.


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