The 14 Best Multiplayer iPhone Games to Play Right Now!

iPhone multiplayer games provide a convenient way for you to unwind with family and friends. From simple, elegant options to those with enticing graphics, these games are the ultimate remedy to boredom!

An out-of-the-world experience is not so far away. We have taken time to review the best multiplayer games for iOS devices, coming up with a comprehensive list guaranteed to appease your taste.

Mobile gaming has evolved from being a solo affair; doing so as a group is much more fun and competitive. Here are top multiplayer iOS games promising you relentless challenges and fun in 2018.


Small World 2

Price: $5.99 [Download]

Small world 2

Popularly described as an exceptionally compelling multiplayer game, it is based on the successful board game (Small World). This colossal update is synonymous with new exquisite features, allowing a maximum of 5 players online.

On the 5 cramped maps available at different stages, you and your opponents have to fight over resources. Leading fantasy civilizations into conquering new regions through the tenacious landscapes is the ultimate prize!

small world 2

How Players Contest

The size of your stack of tokens determines how well you fair during confrontations. When faced with an enemy, one has to put down equal numbers to take over the region. All players have ten turns to show their prowess and conquer the most regions.

While this may sound dull and simple, nothing could be further from the truth. All races come with varying abilities, requiring you to use special superpowers in your quests. The game’s appeal is in the magic behind pairing special powers prior to each race.

While other similar games offer you historian giants and diplomatic ghouls, Small World 2 applies cheap humor in form of fantasy flavors!

Asynchronous play automatically matches your abilities to those of eager power mongers through the Quick Play mode.

There is so much fun in conquering!


N.O.V.A 3

Price: Free [Download]

N.O.V.A 3

Capitalizing on success made by the two previous games, N.O.V.A 3 offers comprehensive support for the later iPhone hardware. Across the 6 different game types, up to 12 players can engage actively in the various game modes.

Novel game types like Freeze Tag have been complemented further by others including Capture the Flag (objective-based) and Team Deathmatch (free-for-all). With many customizable options such as reward streaks, weapon upgrades, trash-talking statements, and power-ups, this is as real as it gets!

N.O.V.A 3

Plan Different Load Outs

When in multiplayer mode, one has to earn virtual cash to unlock power-up and weapons. With a substantial amount of customized slots, one can plan out different load outs with a larger cache of weapons.

Enhanced graphics and performance tuning see fewer bugs and lags, creating a flawless multiplayer environment. You can engage in relentless firefighting with your colleagues, making use of all items and machinery in the real world.

Gameloft has yet again increased this game’s playability, this free multiplayer game has presented an immense potential for customization.

After each stage, the game host has the opportunity to redefine settings and introduce new challenges.

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Hay Day

Price: Free · Offers In-App Purchases [Download]

Hay Day

Farming craze is still with us, making this the perfect time to download Hay Day for iPhone and practice relatable resource management. In essence, farmers harvest what they sowed, teaching important life values in subtle ways.

When starting out, all players are allocated patch of land, with a noisy scarecrow as the helper. One has to carefully choose from among the few available plants, focusing more on the business aspect. As the farming career blossoms, players also get into animal farming and managing daily feeds.

Hay Day 2

Each Action Earns You Stars

There are many activities one could partake in including selling items, baking bread, and trimming down trees in an environmentally-friendly manner to expand property boundaries. As you level up, more crops are directed your way.

With more products and buildings to deal in, investment ideas are plentiful and create and healthy competitive scene. By adding your friends on social media, you can trade virtually and help each other accomplish milestones in this game.

Visiting each other’s farms is another interactive way the game brings players together. The real thrill in all this is the satisfaction one derives from gardening and seeing their hard work taking shape!



Price: Free · Offers In-App Purchases [Download]


SCRABBLE ranks highly among free multiplayer iOS games, connecting friends through words. With a single touch, you can find ready opponents online, social media sites being the largest contributors.

There are enhanced notification and chat features designed to make interaction even easier. The ‘Teacher’ feature allows anyone to assume the role of a SCRABBLE master. At the conclusion of each turn, this shows what the best word could have been.

Think Fast

The highest scoring choices can be located in the exclusive Best Word, official built-in SCRABBLE dictionary, or an in-game word list. When operating in the exclusive Speed Play mode, opponents decide amongst themselves whether to take two or five-minute turns.

Should the opposing player fail to meet the strict deadline, forfeit and nude options are unlocked. HD quality graphics enable you to view all actions in real time, maximizing the chances of getting words right.

Players are advised not to settle for limitations, an eventuality which would see them lose out on opportunities.

Behind-the-scenes updates are done every so often, matching the game to evolving multiplayer expectations. Clear communication is highly prioritized.


Clash of Clans

Price: Free · Offers In-App Purchases [Download]

Clash of Clans

Already boasting of millions of players around the globe, Clash of Clans provides the best testing ground for fancy epic Clan wars. All players start off by building a small village, working their way up with every successful conquest.

There are numerous new features, with a mysterious world full of new characters and buildings waiting! Players get to battle with advanced troops such as Hero Battle Machine, Boxer Giant, Cannon Cart, Sneaky Archer, Bomber, and Raged Barbarian.

Clash of Clans

Versus Battle Mode

You can either start a clan and invite fellow players or join an existing one to play alongside multiple compatriots and opponents. In Clan Wars, creating a formidable team is crucial if you wish to maintain global dominance.

Defending a village takes a whole lot of tactics including walls, mortar, bombs, traps, and cannons. A campaign which takes you through the entire realm sets you up against the revered Goblin King. Players are at liberty to employ spells in addition to using Heroes and troops.

When practicing for this enticing game, one can engage in Friendly Wars and Challenges. Special troops can be trained as you move up the levels.

While this iPhone game can be downloaded for free, certain special effects and features can only be unlocked through in-app purchases.

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Price: Free · Offers In-App Purchases [Download]

A lively rendition of the classic Monopoly game, this version is packed with action and thought-provoking challenges. The game brings everything to life, thanks to its 3D rendition.

Friends and family are in for a globetrotting variation of opportunities and playing tactics. Or unlimited play, one only has to part with a one-time fee. This new way of playing monopoly sees you travel around the world, collecting property stamps after each win.

The easiest way to gain absolute control lies in having stockpiles of cash and thriving cities under your command.

Plays with ChromeCast on Big Screens

When you are tired of playing on the iPhone, this game can be extended to larger screens for a more immersive experience. As long as the player devices remain connected, iPhones can be used as controls in such instances.

All the distinctive elements and pieces synonymous with the original monopoly game are all present. When playing in the TV mode, an internet connection is mandatory. The number of multiple players in a team remains flexible.


8 Ball Pool

Price: Free · Offers In-App Purchases [Download]

8 Ball Pool

In this challenging pool game, you can choose to play with your friends and the legends alike. You can substantially improve your skills by following the easy prompts provided. The practice arena serves as the entrance to 1-on-1 matches with the most seasoned players in the world.

Exclusive cues and trophies are yours for the winning should you trounce opponents during tournaments. Every match win is rewarded with Coins at stake, allowing players to advance to higher levels and unlock more powerful features.

Level Up

To challenge your friends, simply sign in with your Facebook or Miniclip account. Alternatively, one could achieve this from within the game with a tap of a finger! Showing off your skills might earn you some critics but hey, isn’t that the fun part?

The level systems in this widely celebrated iPhone multiplayer game ensure a constant stream of challenges. The more matches one plays, the better the chances of rising up the ranks and visiting the most exclusive match locations.

In no time, you too can be playing against the best pool players. Perhaps this might even inspire you to try a hand at the real pool table; who knows? Your fortunes could be waiting.

The game is compatible with iPhone X and the latest software installations.

Drive Ahead!

Price: Free · Offers In-App Purchases [Download]

Have you ever been in a gladiator car fight? This highly engaging game involves knocking around your opponents in the head using vehicles! Players can pick anything from a racing car, garbage truck, or off-roads amongst others; they all have weaknesses and strengths.

There are 4 different gaming modes to pick from, with the ability to play against your friends through your screen; other modes allow two or more devices. Wi-Fi connection makes pairing and battling even more convenient.

Drive Ahead!

A Chance to Be a Featured Drive Ahead Superstar!

This game does more than just offer you gameplay; one can earn superstardom and have a chance of splashing the spoils on social media. If you don’t fancy surprise match-ups, you can fully customize each battle before it happens.

To survive and excel in this action-charged game, players have to attack proactively. Hiding is not an option seeing as the sudden death mode brings water floods, rains of fire, and saw blades to the fold.

There are tons of arenas and cars waiting to be unlocked. Earn as many virtual credits as you can to use in the Prize Machine.



Price: $4.99 · Offers In-App Purchases  [Download]

Jamming with your friends in the Local Multiplayer has never been as more realistic as it remains in this gaming app. 2-on-2 arcade action makes you reminiscence on good old days, with each move getting you closer to shooting that monster jam!

Coming with optional in-app purchases, players can disengage at any time to avoid foregoing further charges. If you were an adoring fan of the original NBA Jam, you will love the attention to detail evident at every turn.

Unlock Legends

All your favorite NBA stars cross 30 teams are here to Jam. You can relive the classic era with Danny Manning, Karl Malone, Dr. J, Dennis Rodman, and more. There are several other secret plays only available on iOS.

If you are willing to go the mile, there are a couple of ways to unlock cheats to help you go big faster. Players can use either of the two control systems developed for iPhone, gesture-based and D-Pad. The impeccable versatility makes this possible.

This game is continually being upgraded to include the latest player formations and team tactics. The original Jam play-by-play announcer, Tim Kitrow, remains the voice elaborating the action.


Dungeon Hunter 5

Price: Free · Offers In-App Purchases [Download]

Dungeon Hunter 5

The famed RPG saga has its most accomplished and immersive realization in Dungeon Hunter 5. There is a selection of 4 unique character classes, each with its varying set of challenges.

As times progress, players can upgrade their battle skills to make even more advances. The gear used is fully customizable to appeal to your charm and craft. There are numerous mysterious about your warrior yet to be unveiled.

Dungeon Hunter 5

Multiplayer Action

For more intensive fights, the COOP arenas offer the requisite infrastructure in high graphic detail. By then your prowess will have increased; you can easily show off your skills in battle in any of the PVP modes.

Faced with the return of the demons, battles from eons ago have to be re-enacted again if your race is to survive. As you awaken from a sort of nightmare, your kingdom of Valenthia is already in ruins! With your newly acquired skills and powers, you have little choice but to fight for what remains.

This game is readily compatible with transitioning iPhone models, getting better updates and features at scheduled phases.

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Worms 2: Armageddon

Price: $4.99 · Offers In-App Purchases [Download]

Worms 2

Offering you possibly the widest allocation of multiple players, friends can engage in up to 16 concurrent tussles to see who reigns supreme. If none is around, you should find a couple in the Game Center’s auto-matching facility.

Worms in this remodeled app are bigger and more menacing; start off by grabbing grenades and determining the best locations to hit. All this must be choreographed to the highest standards if any gains are to be made and maintained.

Worms 2

New Customization Options

This game now comes with new ingenious weapons capable of disseminating your opponents instantly. The ultimate installment boasts of many available gaming modes; everyone has something to look forward to!

Up to 3 friends can take part in the high-octane action games, using weaponry such as Poison Strike, Electromagnet, Petrol Bomb, Sentry Gun, Super Sheep, Earthquake, and Drill. Other classic weaponry are still available should you decide to be more aggressive and combatant.

The high definition visuals are invaluable as the users create their preferred game types. As you create your team, customize fully to look the part and draw inspiration.

Besides the revamped online multiplayer, this game is now enjoying more stability due to the consistent detection and elimination of bugs.


Asphalt 8: Airborne

Price: Free · Offers In-App Purchases [Download]

Asphalt 8

As a front-running mobile game for the past few years, Asphalt 8 Airborne enjoys a massive 300 million players! There are more than 180-speed machines to choose from, the like of Bugatti, McLaren, Ducati, Ferrari, and all other major manufacturer brands.

Players can choose between cars and motorbikes, with environments getting increasingly challenging as you move up. The graphics are simply stunning, applying proven physics-based mechanics as speed machines move around the tracks.

Asphalt 8

Ultimate Multiplayer Racing

With the ability to accommodate up to 12 racers, you and your friends can compete on ghost races in any preferable modes. The more than 40 speeding tracks virtually defy gravity, providing you with the thrill you have been yearning for.

There are several exclusive and amazing rewards, won by participating in Limited-Time Events. In addition to the limitless stream dedicated to single players, there are 1500 car mastery challenges awaiting, with the opportunity to participate in 400+ career events.

There are many ways to take down your opponents. Take advantage of the sprawling customizing shop to make your rides stand out. New members can join any of the game’s social media platforms.

In the latest iPhone X, the game is crystal-clear, with the smoothest racing yet.


Tic Tac Toe

Price: Free [Download]

Tic Tac Toe

If you still use pen and paper with tic tac toe, this engaging two player game takes away all the mess. It supports two human players, testing your creativity and sharpness to the limits. When with your friends online, the game can handle up to 16 simultaneous plays.

Keeping track of the scores is done automatically once the players’ names are entered. The exciting sound effect is further complemented by clear, compelling graphics. If you play against the highest AI level, this should be sufficient training to take on any opponent.

Player Prioritization

Just as is the tradition with Tic Tac Toe, advertising remains strictly prohibited; instead, each moment is geared towards enhancing the user experience. All progress is saved in case you exit from the platform abruptly, picking up where you left off.

Minor bug fixes have refined the game doing away with the lag issues previously experienced. While it is compatible with Wi-Fi, players do not have to rely on it whenever they hold a contest; Bluetooth can do too.

Players who have had the game for a long while have not reported it crashing unexpectedly.



Price: Free · Offers In-App Purchases [Download]

When at a party, nothing excites more than having a fun game to keep everyone thinking! This one-of-a-kind iPhone word game ranks highly and is recommended for both family and friends. For each right answer, a player receives points.

There are numerous extra challenges awaiting you after every win, with the game growing progressively harder with each word placement. This gaming experience seeks to explore your friends’ deepest truths.

And the Truth Comes Out

This suggestive brand new deck does just this, taking advantage of the calm party atmosphere to create a safe environment. By answering questions about one another, you grow the family and friendship bond even stronger.

Whether you are waiting in line, traveling, or on game night, this interactive yet challenging game is there to keep your mind engrossed. Regardless of your number, everyone in the multiplayer platform gets an equal shot of landing similar scores.

The point of the game is in tricking other players into believing your response. While this may seem odd, it actually works when your friend’s psychology. Either way, players are guaranteed of enjoying immensely as they outdo each other.

If you are a really good friend, this game should be a walk in the park for you. If not, there is so much you could do to improve.


Before You Leave

The best and quickest way to get rid of boredom, without a doubt, has become your handy iPhone. With these and other iPhone multiplayer games, you can now engage your friends and family in battling out the time on your hands.

The developers have kept the in-app purchase prices uniformly low, giving you the opportunity to try several options to find which game appeals to you most. Of course, your choice will also be likely determined by your friends’ preferences.

Are there any iPhone games discussed here you would like further information on? Kindly let our support team know and assistance will be duly provided.


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