11 Best MMORPGs for iPhone and iPad

Massively multiplayer online role-playing online games, or MMORPGs, is one of the most popular and most lucrative genres in the gaming sphere.

A combo of two models–massively multiplayer online games (MMO games) and role-playing video games, it’s profoundly appealing to all types of game enthusiasts for a lot of reasons. Primarily, it allows gamers to play and virtually interact in real-time with a large number of other gamers on all sides of the world.

In the mobile gaming industry, MMORPGs doesn’t have many variations in terms of gameplay. Recurring themes range from fantasy to science fiction, where gamers take control of the protagonists from start to finish. Elements like real-time play, in-game culture, character customization, group membership, in-app social connection, persistent game environment, progression levels, and system architecture are almost always present.

In this list, we want to give you a breakdown of some of the best iOS MMORPGs. Which titles are included in this bunch? Those that have unique features, impressive graphics quality, and first-rate reviews from gamers themselves.

#1 Crusaders of Light

Price: Free with In-App Purchases [ Download ]

Crusaders of Light

With regard to the number of participants allowed to play together, this 3D fantasy open world game lives up to the name ‘massively multiplayer’ very well. Crusaders of Light allows you to pull a team with up to 40 guildmates. Altogether, you and your allies collect loot in dungeon raids, take on bosses, and stand up against invaders who took over the Desolation Wall after 700 long, peaceful years.

Game developer NetEase Games takes pride in the immersive graphics quality of this masterpiece that’s comparable to PC games. In-game selfies? You can do that and share them or your personalized heroes on social media.

Crusaders of Light

To start the game, you need to choose among four classes: Warrior, Ranger, Mystic, and Paladin. Each class has its distinct set of strengths and weaknesses. In the Arena Battle, you can engage in 1v1, 3v3, or 5v5 modes to unlock mighty gear sets. In the Battle Royale, you can put your survival instincts to the test. The bigger the battle, the further you can show off and enhance your skills. With over 300 hours of gameplay and hundreds of paths, remain on top of your game and gain the new legendary status level 55.

#2 Vendetta Online

Price: Free with In-App Purchases [ Download ]

Vendetta Online

Often compared to PC game Eve Online for its space-based narrative, this 3D galaxy mobile game deserves its own remark. It has a distinctive Twitch-style model and cross-platform support for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. This allows players to switch from one platform to another, making it truly more unique than its archetype.

Vendetta Online can host thousands of players acting as the pilots of spaceships in an unfathomable universe. You can create your character, from being military heroes to wealthy captains to law offenders. There are three major player nations and a good number of sub-factions to choose from. They will determine your first standing in the game and which missions you’re going to take along the way.

Vendetta Online

Game developer Guild Software boasts of its PC-grade quality. The iOS version has same capabilities as that of Windows, Linux, and Mac. With its live stream support, pilots can broadcast both live and pre-recorded gameplays and use voice-over, speech-to-text, or text-to-speech chats.

A caveat: To play Vendetta Online, it is recommended to close all applications running in the background to get the best experience. This iPhone MMORPG game is only 400 megabytes but could use space as much as 800 megabytes.

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#3 Dungeon Hunter 5

Price: Free with In-App Purchases [ Download ]

Dungeon Hunter

Gameloft may not be ostentatiously peddling the Dungeon Hunter series as a massively multiplayer online game, its fifth installment deserves a spot on our list. The game developer is, no doubt, proud of the game’s single-player campaign, but you still have a reason to enjoy the game in the multiplayer campaign.

This hack-and-slash RPG centers on vengeance in the midst of the force of darkness. Get ready to fend for yourself against monsters, bandits, and other inconceivable fears in the shattered world of Valenthia, an opportune place for mercenaries and bounty hunters to grow their business seeking justice.

Dungeon Hunter

In the solo campaign, players get to hunt down villains through all 94 missions set in different environments. But you can rally up to three other players to fight against the enemies in co-op mode or hire friends as allies to help in your revenge. From 10 hacks to 45 missions to 900 pieces of armor and weaponry to hundreds of devastating spells and skills, you can achieve a lot all throughout your journey.

#4 Order & Chaos 2: Redemption

Price: Free with In-App Purchases [ Download ]

Order and Chaos

Another Gameloft creation on the list, this MMORPG has earned the Editor’s Choice badge in the App Store, which is something that you might want to consider. Apple gatekeepers particularly like the “quests, combat, and sweet, sweet loot” rolled into the game, as well as the fascinating links between the two installments so newcomers don’t get left out. If you love World of Warcraft, this will definitely win you over.

Order and Chaos 2

Order & Chaos 2: Redemption revolves around the quest to save the world and redeem its citizens from damnation. There are five races (Orcs, Humans, Elves, Mendels, and the all-new Kratans) and five classes (Brood Knights, Rangers, Mages, Warriors, and Monks) that you can choose from.  You can join thousands of other players and non-player characters as you explore the enormous and interactive universe and the most taxing dungeons. Apart from the hundreds of team quests, you also have the option to go solo in side quests and countless rewards or summon another player to a one-on-one duel.

#5 Lineage 2: Revolution

Price: Free with In-App Purchases [ Download ]

Lineage 2 Revolution

Lineage 2: Revolution is proudly made through Unreal Engine 4, the tool responsible for the game’s stunning visuals. In this magnificent fantasy open world, as many as 200 players can battle in real time on one interface; although, it might look packed more often than not. This MMORPG centers on the rise of new heroes and their journey to free the world from eternal evil. Come together with your friends and strangers as a clan and triumph over heroic raid dungeons, defeat boss monsters, or test your skills against thousands of players from around the world.

From PVP matches to 50-vs-50 battles, you get a real-time experience of what Netmarble Games is bringing to the table. The level cap has skyrocketed from 120 to 180 for more thrilling gameplay.

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#6 Dawn of Titans

Price: Free with In-App Purchases [ Download ]

Dawn of Titans

Another game in the bunch that has earned the Editor’s Choice badge on the App Store is Dawn of Titans. It is highly praised for its gameplay ala Total War but with an excellent twist–gargantuan monsters who can join you on the battlefield under your control.

Players rever NaturalMotion Games for delivering an action strategy 3D fantasy mobile game with console-quality graphics and addictive gameplay. Thousands of warriors on the battle arena are such a joy to watch along with colossal warriors with mighty gear, all that under your direct control.

dawn of titans

Daily quests are there to hone your fighting skills on top of the unique campaigns and alliance events. When going MMO, make sure to strategize with your allies before heading out to a battle against other kingdoms.

#7 Dark Legends

Price: Free with In-App Purchases [ Download ]

If you ever dreamed of becoming a vampire, Dark Legends is your chance to take that into reality. Instead of human warriors as protagonists, this 3D horror-themed MMORPG puts vampires at the heart of the gameplay, avenging their kind. Fangs, blood, super speed, and hundreds of weapons are what you have to take down demons, werewolves, and warlocks.

The revenge of the blood-sucking creatures roots all the way from human supremacists who attempted to push them to the edge of extinction. Believed to be evil and hostile, vampires need to fend themselves from enemies in order to not vanish themselves from the surface of the world. As you play with millions of vampires in co-op, pvp, or solo battles, you get to unlock vampire powers and earn rare treasures and gear according to your playstyle. Dark Legends is the third installment of the Legends series by Spacetime Studios.

#8 Toram Online

Price: Free with In-App Purchases [ Download ]

Like what most players observed, Toram Online has customizations that are way better than some MMO on PCs. You can build your own character based on the skill system. From the hair and eyes to the face and skin, you can do pretty much everything on your own terms. Every piece of clothing from the massive 50 billion dress patterns has its own model and it will reflect on your character. Your gears? Yes, you can customize their abilities or paint them red or blue or whatever color that you want.

The story is set hundreds of years ago when the ground was torn by an apocalypse. The gods tried to connect the ground but this patched world doesn’t look the way it was before. Nations were destroyed. People are divided. And you have to explore the underworld to solve the mystery.

Going into the adventure, you can join a team of players and communicate with them in the live chat as you explore the vast world of Toram Online. However, this doesn’t have a class system, unlike many other MMORPGs. The goal is to take down a fierce monster, that’s it. Toram Online is developed by ASOBIMO.

#9 AdventureQuest 3D

Price: Free with In-App Purchases [ Download ]

AdventureQuest 3D is a real-time MMO packed with a variety of creatures like dragons, warfiends, frogzards, and monsters that you need to beat with your friends. Its rare armor and oversized weapons will make your journey more enjoyable. You get to experience a true cross-platform gameplay where you can play your character in the same world as your friends, regardless of the platform you’re all using.

The world is under siege by a mystifying terror and you as the adventurer have to answer the call by traveling to the town of Battleon. There you’ll meet different kinds of characters, go on marvelous adventures, and explore the vast narrative of the game.

Of what started out to be a web-based game only that received a wave of positive reviews, the creators of AdventureQuest at Artix Entertainment decided to bring it to mobile devices. Like the original version, AdventureQuest 3D has retained the multi-class system which allows you to unlock and switch between different playable classes, and new classes are added regularly. It also has chat, emotes, and social networking within the app.

#10 Aurcus Online

Price: Free with In-App Purchases [ Download ]

The non-targeting combat system has become very popular in the last couple of years, allowing players to go beyond just hit and kill and do more jump, dash, kick attacks, etc. as part of one’s defense or offense. Aurcus Online is one of the few MMORPG that does best in smartphones when it comes to this new fighting style. In fact, it makes the game more exhilarating and exciting to play.

Aurcus Online is set in Levaria, a land protected by the spirits. Hundreds of years free and peaceful, Levaria was disrupted by the rise of the Dark Force. Nations were suppressed; towns were attacked; monsters were on the loose. Worst of all, the ancient beast has awoken the stronghold of death–the Dark Force. States now have to come together and begin the greatest mission in the game. Aurcus Online is another Asobimo masterpiece.

#11 Iruna Online

Price: Free with In-App Purchases [ Download ]


A game that was first released in Japan, Iruna Online took the world by storm after a warm reception in its home country, played by more than 2.5 million people. This 3D MMORPG can be enjoyed in both co-op and real-time communication with all its impressive graphics.

The fantasy world of Iruna was created by 12 gods. After years of peace and order, conflicts separate them, leading to four factions: Hume, Diel, Cule, and Elf. Each group is fighting for its own in order to survive and retain legacy. Amidst their battle for dominance, each faction has to face formidable monsters so they wouldn’t go extinct from the surface of the earth.

However, this is not a game of strength alone; it’s also about looking cool. And with the available in-game items, you can do just that. There’s a huge map to explore. If you miss the way earlier MMORPGs work, Iruna Online is for you to take delight in. It strays away from the usual three to five classes and a pay to win gearing system.


MMORPGs became a billion-dollar business since the mid-2000s and there are no signs of disappointment by far. Over the years, more and more players are enticed by this promising hybrid of genres. We believe MMORPG alone will continue to grow down the road as game developers beef up the system and improve series installments.

What do you think of the games in this list? We hope you enjoyed this list. Are we missing something? If we are, feel free to share them in the comments section below.


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