8 Best iPhone Gimbals to Stabilize your Videos

An iPhone with a good, solid, reliable gimbal is enough to start creating incredible footage.

If you don’t know what a gimbal is, then it’s simply an accessory that compensates for the movement of your arm or hand as you hold the camera. So you can avoid having shaky footage recordings.

Whether your goal is to create film-quality movies with your iPhone, or simply to make your live-streamed video as good as possible, a smartphone stabilizer will unlock the potential of your phone’s camera and bring great results. Below are our favorites that we have bought or borrowed from our friend to test and review. Hopefully, you can choose the best Gimbal Stabilizer for your iPhone.


1. Zhiyun Smooth 4

 Zhiyun Smooth 4

The Zhiyun Smooth 4 is an all-in-one filmmaking system for your mobile phone. It comes with the Smooth 4 gimbal stabilizer and a mini tripod, along with a powerful suite of features to make your shots smooth and sharp. With the Zhiyun Smooth 4, you can create the dolly/zoom “vertigo” shot, pull focus while zooming for precision shots, track objects, make time lapses, slow-motion shots, and even add scene transitions, all on your camera with no post-processing. It has a built-in fill light, and tilt and roll mechanical ranges of 240°.f

It has a 12-hour battery run time, and when you need to charge, just plug the stabilizer into a power source, and your phone into the stabilizer via USB, and charge both devices at once. Hotkey design on the stabilizer itself reduces your need to touch and interact with your phone, saving time and preserving your shot setups.

The Zhiyun Smooth 4 is compatible with phones ranging from 75-210 grams in weight, regardless of the phone’s operating system. It comes with a carrying case for the stabilizer and accessories, and you can choose a black or white gimbal. It has a 12-month warranty and lifetime customer service. You can also purchase an optional adaptor to use the Zhiyun Smooth 4 with a GoPro camera.


  • Great variety of shots and features
  • Great battery life
  • Built-in fill light
  • Two-way charging


  • Has limited capabilities on Android devices
  • Android version of the app is poorly rated


The Zhiyun Smooth 4 is a fantastic stabilizer with a great range of shots and features for your iPhone, produces beautiful, professional shots. However, it has a number of limitations on Android devices that reduce the potential of the stabilizer’s features and capabilities. It’s a great choice for iPhone users, but Android users should choose a different stabilizer.


2. DJI Osmo Mobile 2

DJI Osmo Mobile 2

The DJI Osmo Mobile 2 has a lot of powerful features for filming on the go. It has an ActiveTrack feature that smoothly follows your subject and stays steady the whole time. Just select your subject in the DJI Osmo app, and the camera will automatically follow them. It has time-lapse and moon-lapse capabilities, smooth cinematic zoom, high-definition panorama mode, and dolly/zoom shots. It even has a beauty mode to keep you looking great on camera.

The DJI Osmo Mobile 2 is compatible with Android and iPhone smartphones, although the app is more highly rated with Android devices than with iPhones.

It has up to 15 hours of battery life, and is made of a lightweight composite material that lets you film for hours with less fatigue. When you are done shooting, the DJI Osmo Mobile 2 folds up to a compact, portable size. The brushless motors provide more durability, more battery life, and smooth, stable shots.


  • Great battery life
  • Smooth shots


  • Depending on your phone and your angle, the gimbal can get into your shots on some Samsung devices
  • Relies on the partner app in order to work, and the app can be buggy and difficult to work with


Unlocking the full capabilities of the DJI Osmo Mobile 2 means relying on the DJI GO app, which doesn’t work equally well on all devices. The stabilizer itself is excellent, but it’s recommended to carefully check app reviews for your specific device and operating system before making a final decision.


3. Steadicam Volt Electronic Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer

Steadicam Volt electronic handheld gimbal stabilizer for iPhone

The Steadicam Volt has a number of exciting features to create incredible shots with your iPhone. The haptic control of this gimbal has a 3-axis gyro, and uses simulated inertia, for the smooth shots you would get from a large Steadicam, and haptic feedback for precise control. The Steadicam controls have two modes: one for beginners, and another with more customization for advanced users.

The Steadicam Volt works not just with smartphones, but also with a GoPro for even more dynamic videos. It accommodates phones that weigh between 100-250 grams, that is 58-85 millimeters wide. It supports both iOS and Android phones. The GoPro mount is included in the purchase.

Even better, the motorized gimbal will work mechanically without draining the battery, and will even continue to work in manual mode if the stabilizer battery runs out. It weighs just one pound, for prolonged use without fatigue. The lightweight design folds down to a compact size for easy transport.


  • Made by Steadicam, the Hollywood standard in gimbal stabilizers, partnered with drone manufacturer Yuneec for advanced stabilization technologies
  • Haptic feedback provides physical inertia and trains your muscle memory for perfect shots
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Will operate manually even if the batteries run out, unlike any other gimbal


  • The Steadicam Volt clamps the phone in the mount, making it difficult or impossible to interact directly with the phone, and pressing the side buttons on some models of phone. This can send conflicting information to the phone and affect the camera behavior
  • The motors can be loud enough to be picked up by the phone’s microphone
  • Complex manual setup and leveling takes a lot of time and can be frustrating
  • Difficult to set and maintain horizon line


The Steadicam Volt grew out of a Kickstarter campaign, and, like many Kickstarter projects, it’s a great idea that lacks a bit in execution. The ideal solution would be for manufacturer Tiffen to take the reviews and feedback it’s received since the early 2017 launch and revise the product to account for some of these frequently encountered issues.

The extraordinary use of haptic feedback, a battery-saving manual/mechanical mode, and lightweight design are excellent features, but the user experience is often frustrating. We hope for an updated version that resolves these challenges.


4. Tato AI Object Tracking Smart Stabilizer

The Taro T1 was launched thanks to a Kickstarter campaign, and has an innovative solution to tracking problems. It doesn’t just deliver smooth, steady shots, but, with the additional purchase of the M1 module, it never loses the target. With the included wristband, the M1 mounts on the T1 and uses infrared technology and artificial intelligence to track the subject wearing the wristband. It will track a subject at speeds up to 50 miles an hour, and continue to track them if they temporarily pass behind another object.

Compatible with smartphones and GoPros (with the purchase of the additional GoPro mount), the Taro T1 is ideal for sports and action shots, where the subject is likely to move quickly in complex shots. It’s also perfect for one-person film crews.


  • Extremely innovative way of using next-generation technologies to solve common camera problems
  • AI and infrared technologies make it easy to track quickly moving or often-occluded subjects


  • The Taro T1 has only been commercially available for a few weeks, so we have very few actual user reviews to see if it works as claimed.


The Taro T1 was just recently launched to the public, and there is little concrete information about the specifics of this device. Kickstarter projects have a history of not quite working as expected, so it would be nice to have a deeper well of consumer and professional reviews to determine if the Taro T1 lives up to the claims in the manufacturer’s demo videos.

The T1 itself is a camera stabilizer, and it’s unclear how well it operates in relation to other pure stabilizers. The M1 tracking module is the innovative technology component, but it’s unfortunate that it’s sold separately (although both are offered in a product bundle). While this technology shows tremendous promise, it would be better to see more objective, third-party use scenarios before deciding to invest in it.


5. Zhiyun Smooth-Q

The Zhiyun Smooth-Q has a 5th generation optimized stabilizing system, along with intelligent algorithms for advanced stability and a 40% improvement on torque output. This 3-axis stabilizer supports wireless control, vertical shoots, and panorama modes. The Zhiyun Smooth-Q and the ZY Play App allow you to auto-track, time-lapse, use filters, record, zoom, and use rear or selfie cameras directly from the stabilizer, instead of having to touch your phone and potentially disrupt the balance.

Balance is important on the Smooth-Q, and it’s designed for smartphones weighing 75-200 grams. If your phone is lighter or heavier than that, the gimbal will not balance. If the phone is at the heavy end of that range, you should balance the phone before turning on the stabilizer, but the Smooth-Q has advanced electronic balancing technology that allows you to balance by simply adjusting the knob.

The Zhiyun Smooth-Q has honeycomb core technology that makes it weigh just 450 grams. Extra-long battery life lasts for up to 12 hours of shooting, or you can conveniently charge your phone from the stabilizer while filming. These ports also allow the use of optional accessories for light and sound.

It comes with a convenient carrying bag, charging cable, user manual, a mini-tripod, and a cleaning cloth.


  • Good array of basic shot features and capabilities
  • Tripod is an excellent bonus
  • The app enhances features of the stabilizer
  • The stabilizer is able to withstand some splashing or brief poor weather
  • Extremely lightweight to prevent fatigue


  • The app is much better on iPhone, buggy and poor on Android
  • Can be difficult to calibrate


The Zhiyun Smooth-Q is an excellent lightweight stabilizer for lightweight cameras. It leverages both advanced software and innovative materials and manufacturing to deliver high-quality cinematic shots with an easy-to-use, comfortable experience. The device can be difficult to calibrate, and the function greatly depends on the weight of your phone. It is highly recommended for the models of iPhone that fit within the weight ranges of the stabilizer.


6. LanParte HHG-01

The LanParte HHG-01 comes with advanced gesture-control technology. The gesture-control system follows and smooths the motions of your wrist while maintaining a level horizon, and can be operated with only one hand for smooth stable shots on the move. The internal 6-axis Inertial Measurement Unit removes all your shakes and jitters for natural, professional camera moves.

The LanParte HHG-01 is a 3-axis stabilizer that comes with clamps for two smartphones and a clamp for a GoPro. It is compatible with all smartphones with phone widths from 2.2 inches to 3.6 inches, regardless of the operating system. It comes with two counterweights for balancing heavy phones or lenses, and a convenient carrying case for the stabilizer and all included accessories.

It has brushless motors for longer battery life and greater reliability, and a comfortable silica gel handle grip. The grip also has a convenient “pistol magazine” style high-speed battery changing in just 3 seconds. The battery lasts for up to 3 hours of continuous shooting.


  • Nice smooth motion
  • Comfortable handle
  • Compatible with smartphones and GoPro


  • The LanParte HHG-01 is a few years old and may not be perfectly sized or weighted for the newest models of phones.


The LanParte HHG-01 is a high-quality stabilizer that was designed for the iPhone 6. It does an excellent job of stabilizing handheld shots for that generation of phones. However, newer gimbals interface better with more current smartphones, have a greater range of features, don’t require counterweights, and have better battery life. The exceptional software stabilizing and counterweight balancing of the LanParte HHG-01 do deliver high-quality, smooth, professional shots, so if that’s all you need, this is an excellent choice.


7. FeiyuTech SPG

The FeiyuTech SPG’s smart portrait mode is perfect for live streaming, with an adjustable panning angle for vertical shots. It also has smart face tracking, dynamic panoramas, autofocus, and 360° limitless panning. With the accompanying app, the stabilizer joystick easily controls the camera and focus for touch-free filming.

The FeiyuTech SPG has an innovative balancing system that makes it compatible with almost any smartphone, sports camera, and the GoPro Hero5, with no additional accessories and no counterweights. The sliding arm mechanism easily adjusts to fit and balance a variety of phones, cameras, and lenses. Then the split-level gravity system allows the stabilizer to adjust the center of gravity to counterbalance the phone or camera, providing a precise center of gravity for the smoothest shots.

It is made of a lightweight aluminum alloy with a comfortable rubberized handle grip. It can run up to 8 hours on a single battery charge. It is also splash proof and can withstand light rain.


  • Smart focus, face tracking, portrait mode, and other great features for live streaming
  • Excellent balance for smooth shots
  • No need for additional clamps or counterweights
  • Good battery life


  • The app is low rated and glitchy, Bluetooth connections to stabilizer often drop
  • Needs longer warning times for low battery


The FeiyuTech SPG has an incredible balancing system that makes calibration easy with a huge range of devices. It’s designed for live streaming, with portrait modes, vertical pans, and face tracking that are optimized for social media. It’s an excellent stabilizer, provided the app works well on your device. However, the app is very frequently updated with fixes and adjustments, so some of these issues may be resolved, depending on your operating system and device. Carefully check app compatibility before using this stabilizer.


8. ikan FLY-X3-Plus

The ikan FLY-X3-Plus is a 3-axis gimbal stabilizer that provides smooth, clean shots from your smartphone camera or GoPro. It makes your pans, tilts, and walking shots have a smooth, “flying” drone-like motion. It also has a smooth gesture-control system.

Balancing the ikan FLY-X3-Plus is easy with nearly any camera. Place the camera in the stabilizer on a flat surface and turn it on. The innovative motors will auto-balance the camera, saving you time and improving the quality of your shots. The GoPro mount is an optional accessory available for additional purchase.

It has a brushless motor for improved efficiency, durability, and battery life. It comes with an additional, backup battery.


  • Simple to set up
  • Easy to operate
  • Smooth, weightless motion


  • Auto-calibration doesn’t always work correctly
  • The power button on the bottom makes it difficult to tell when the stabilizer is on, check battery life, difficult to use with a tripod


The ikan FLY-X3-Plus has automatic calibration, which is an excellent feature in a gimbal. However, it doesn’t always work correctly, and troubleshooting the automatic balancing and correcting for it can be problematic. It’s a good idea to check reviews with your specific phone or camera to ensure that it will balance correctly and save you the frustration. Provided the balancing is correct, the ikan FLY-X3-Plus does deliver exceptionally smooth, elegant camera moves.



With the right stabilizer, you can free your phone’s camera to unlock your own creativity and make incredible shots. However, a good gimbal experience is a marriage between the gimbal’s hardware: it’s weight, grip, button placement, phone clamp, etc., and it’s software, so that it correctly controls your phone. These two technologies are often not perfectly matched, so it’s a smart idea to carefully check the compatibility of both your phone’s physical size, weight, and button placement, as well as your operating system and app compatibility, before investing in a gimbal. When the hardware and software are working well together, these accessories can be a joy to use, giving your camera a sensation of smooth, weightless motion, and creating incredible shots for your movies, your social media, or just for family and friends.

A gimbal stabilizer is an excellent iPhone accessory that can help you capture all the action in your life. Get the right one and free your camera and your creativity.

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