The 5 Best iPhone Cleaner Apps

Looking for the best iPhone cleaner apps? The App Store has tons of cleaner apps that you can download and use for free, but not all them can get the job done.

The best iPhone cleaner apps have functionalities like simplifying your contacts list by merging duplicate contacts, removing junk files, or deleting blurry photos from months ago.

Some of us love to take multiple photos of something (or ourselves?) to get the perfect shot. But more often than not, the perfect shot comes after 10 or 20 or maybe more takes? And not-so-strangely enough, these duplicate photos wound up sitting on our Photos library for months and even a year.

What we have on this list though are not just apps for removing duplicate photos and contacts. We also have a cleaner app for Instagram and useless files, cookies, and cache. Here are some of the best to download on the App Store.

1. Cleaner Pro

Cleaner Pro app

Price: Free [Download]

If you have been looking for the best iPhone cleaner app to take care of your messy address book, Cleaner Pro is the one we would like to recommend. It has all the functionalities you wish to have in a contacts cleaner app, including the ability to find and merge duplicate contacts.

Cleaner Pro boasts a smart filter that gives you the most relevant results to your searches. Looking for more flair? Cleaner Pro allows you to select group contacts and delete those that you do not intend to keep in your address book anymore.

In case you are not sure about removing some contacts, worry not because Cleaner Pro lets you back up your entire address book. So if you want to restore your contacts or some, you can always do so whenever and wherever you want through Google Drive, Dropbox, and even your email.

All in all, Cleaner Pro is one of the best iPhone cleaner apps designed for your address book.

2. Cleaner


Price: Free [Download]

Another contacts cleaner app, Cleaner works a lot like Cleaner Pro; both apps, in fact, share almost the same sets of features. What sets Cleaner apart is that it also caters to photo and video files.

Cleaner quickly manages duplicate contacts in your address book and easily removes them if you wish to. You can get rid of contacts without a name, phone number, and email in just one click. With its smart filter, you can find contacts in your address book easily by company names, birthdays, job titles, and add date.

Like Cleaner Pro, Cleaner has a backup and restore function to keep your address book in the cloud and download them at a later time. Cleaner supports Google Drive, Dropbox, and various email platforms.

On top of its contacts cleaning capability, Cleaner lets you purge your Photos library for all the unnecessary, duplicate photos and videos. Not only it does streamline your Photos library, but it also checks the battery status of your iPhone.

Overall, Cleaner is one of the best cleaning apps out there that cleans both your address book and your Photos library. It is truly designed to boost the memory of your iPhone.

3. Magic Phone Cleaner

Price: Free [Download]

Magic Phone Cleaner boasts the most efficient iPhone cleaning tool as it clears your device from junk file apps, unwanted files, and caches without losing any of your stored data. This cleaning app works pretty simple; in just a single tap, you can delete the largest and multiple files in seconds.

Like Cleaner, Magic Phone Cleaner works with contacts and photos. You can simply search duplicate contacts and photos on your device and have them removed.

Speaking from experience, it is really good at finding and deleting or merging duplicate contacts. But what about photos? Surprise, surprise–Magic Phone Cleaner scans and cleans your phone’s duplicate photos very well, including screenshots, live photos, and burst photos.

In addition, Magic Phone Cleaner has a built-in private browser that allows you to surf the web without limits. It makes your browsing experience faster and more secure. It has even a bookmark feature and can play videos, unlike some other private browsers.

All in all, Magic Phone Cleaner is a valuable all-in-one iPhone cleaner app for all your digital cleaning needs.

4. Gemini Photos Gallery Cleaner

Gemini Photo Gallery Cleaner

Price: Free [Download]

If you are looking for a premium option that can handle complex cleaning tasks, Gemini Photos Gallery Cleaner is probably the best bet. Although it is free to download and free to use, its pro versions have features that you might need for bigger cleaning tasks.

Gemini Photos Gallery Cleaner is one of the best cleaning apps you can rely on this situation. You do not need to delete them one by one manually. The app will just suggest keeping the good photos.

How? Its algorithm can detect photos that are edited and favorited, photos with faces in them, portraits with smiles and open eyes, and photos in good focus. It can also suggest removing the bad photos, or photos that are blurry, screenshots, photos of text, and photos looking similar.

For $2.99 per month or a one-off payment of $14.99, you can use Gemini Photos Gallery Cleaner and delete duplicate photos without restrictions and limits.

5. Cleaner for IG

Cleaner for IG

Price: Free [Download]

On Instagram? You will love Cleaner for IG. Well, it is not the typical memory cleaner on this list, but we love about Cleaner for IG is its functionality that could unload so much burden from you.

Cleaner for IG lets you unfollow, remove ghost or inactive followers, delete multiple posts simultaneously, and unlike previous liked photos and videos. It is pretty nifty if you are too busy to manually do all these things, but Instagram is life. You can do pretty much everything in bulk–unfollowing, blocking, unblocking, deleting, and unliking.

There is so much more to discover about Cleaner for IG, so make sure to download it now.


That’s all for the best iPhone cleaner apps! What do you think of this list? Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments!

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