10 Best iOS Apps to Scan, Track, and Manage Receipts

Whether you’re a consumer or a business owner, holding onto receipts is essential for purposes other than taxes. They come in handy to exchange or return items, claim rebates, extend the warranty, or immune yourself against unauthorized charges.

Typically, receipts are printed on thermal paper. If stored well enough, they can last up to seven years at most. Under certain conditions, they hardly go about a couple of months. Add to that, these tiny sheets of paper are easy to lose. Chances are you don’t want any of these to take a toll on you. Or maybe, you feel the need to go digital.

Tons of receipts manager apps are available in the App Store, but many of them are straight up awful (real reviewers don’t lie). We’ve created this list so you can weigh your options based on your needs and remove the lousy ones from the equation. Check out the best iOS apps for managing receipts:

#1 Smart Receipts

Price: Free [ Download ]

Smart Receipts

Smart Receipts is great for small business owners who want to get the most out of a receipt scanner tool. This app allows you to transmit your records to a spreadsheet, making tax write-off calculations a piece of cake. Either you’re using it as a personal finance tracker or fulfilling your employer’s accounting needs, it can deliver quality reports in PDF, CSV, or zip format.

The app developer guarantees to protect your expense data and to not sell them to third-party advertisers. With over 20 different data types (dates, price, receipt categories, tax, comments, payment methods, etc.), you can generate your report in the most seamless way possible. Talk about saving hours and days and weeks?

It may be a great app, it also has its own share of downsides. First, the lack of an option to name your receipts for easy reference. Second, no more feature for editing of an entry. Third, viewing entry details is no longer possible.

Other than receipt tracking and expense report generation, it is capable of keeping tabs on distance traveled for mileage reimbursement. In a recent update, the developer added support for optical character recognition for automatic scans. With more than 400,000 users and counting, Smart Receipts has proven it deserves a space on your iPhone or iPad.

#2 Evernote Scannable

Price: Free [ Download ]

Evernote Scannable

Scannable is more of a document keeper than a tracker. If you’re searching for an app that simply stores a digital copy of your receipts, then you may be looking at the right app. No automatic spending calculation. No expenses presentation. Just plain scanning of your receipts or whatever document you may have, such as contracts or business cards.

Evernote’s app can automatically capture high-quality scans. It allows you to edit them–rotate, crop, and adjust–to suit your needs. You can share your scans via email, apps, or text, or export them in PDF and JPEG formats.

#3 Genius Scan

Price: Free [ Download ]

Genious Scan - Receipt Scanner App

Like Scannable, Genius Scan is more useful as a document scanner than a receipts manager. But why is it on this list? If you’re someone who’s always on the go, that should be enough reason to take this app with you. If you have a receipt, you can scan it and it will be automatically uploaded to Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, OneNote, and more apps.

Basic functionalities are here, including rotate, crop, rearrange, and colorize black-and-white documents in post-processing. The batch scanning allows you to scan dozens of pages at once. The Grizzly Labs takes pride in the technology they use that includes smart page detection, perspective correction, and image enhancement.

With smart page detection, it senses page frames, crops it, and straightens it on its own so you won’t need to worry about the perfect shot. Lots of customizable scanning settings to choose from. You can export scans into JPEG or multi-page PDF files.

Quality-wise, it can produce a similar result, if not better, to your conventional copy scanner at home or at work. It can deliver a clear close-up of texts even if smartphone cameras aren’t designed that way.

However, some users complained that sending scanned copies to your email will take more than 24 hours to arrive. We haven’t experienced that though. Overall, if you need a pocket scanner, Genius Scan is worth a try. Nevertheless, you can use it to fast-track expense reports by quickly making a PDF with your receipts. If you think the app needs a little bit of tweaking, the developer is a click away for you to pitch your suggestion.

#4 Scanner Pro

Price: $3.99 [ Download ]

Scanner Pro

Sizing down your closet space? Begin with your shoe boxes that are packed with receipts. Use Scanner Pro to take photos of your receipts and documents. PDF-converted entries make them searchable using keywords so you won’t have a difficult time scouring tons of receipts. There may be other options available, Scanner Pro is considered the easiest to use and the most flexible.

Readdle uses a technology that allows the app to produce clear scans even under poor lighting conditions. It also does automatic border detection, page alignment, cropping, and ironing some creases out. Shadows? Let the app take care of them.

Scanner Pro can’t be any more perfect if you’re turning digital to manage all your receipts and keep track of travel expenses. Remember, the app isn’t just about receipts. You can get any documents (checks, agreements, book pages, rentals, etc.) on board your digitization and convert them into multi-page PDFs or JPEGs. Not to mention, it supports 21 languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, and Russian.

#5 Receipt Bank

Price: Free [ Download ]

Receipts Bank

Are you self-employed or a small-scale business owner? Want to get away with the back-breaking ins and outs of bookkeeping and expense tracking? Want to save a couple dollars instead of hiring professional accountants and bookkeepers? Meet Receipt Bank, whose developers’ mission is to free you from those kinds of burdens.

How does it work? Take a photo of your receipts, bills, invoices, or e-statements. Submit them through the app which will manage and automate your expenses and costs in real time. You need to subscribe to take full advantage of the tool’s features, both on the app and the website. You get a 14-day free trial to see how the app works for you and your business.

If you’re a professional and you have clients, you can connect them and sync their expense data to other accounting software such as Xero and QuickBooks, where your receipts can also be published. Need to file IRS taxes? You can extract all the data that you need.

However, be warned of a bunch of downsides. First, you need to select a client’s account to assign receipts before uploading them. Second, you have to go to the website to manually search for entries. Third, you have no other payment method and purchase type options within the app.

#6 123 Easy Receipt Tracker

Price: Free [ Download ]

123 Receipt Expense Tracker

Some of us aren’t comfortable sharing all the bits and pieces of our business to our accountants. Save your privacy. With 123 Easy Receipt Tracker, you can generate reports you need to send to your accountant for taxes without infringing your privacy.

123 Easy Receipt Tracker organizes receipts and tracks all your expenses in an orderly fashion. It allows you to create custom categories like food, groceries, and gas for easy and immediate reference. You have the option to separate your receipts whether they’re expense or income. It’ll automatically log your expense details like retailer or store names, date, expense total, and more.

Don’t let stacks of undocumented receipts overwhelm you. With this app, your most dreaded task won’t be the same anymore. It’s so easy to look for entries. Filter by category, name, date, or any combo of those. All entries are safely uploaded to the cloud. Additionally, it supports Touch ID for secure access.

Should you get a premium membership? Depends on what and how you need. Free plan stores your scanned receipts for six months only while you get banner ads. Pro ($4.99) and Silver ($1.99) members get cloud support up to 7 and 2 years, respectively. After that, entries will be deleted. Premium members can use the newly-added export feature a report.

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#7 Abukai

Price: Free [ Download ]

Abukai - Receipt Organizer App

Expense reports are pretty daunting to accomplish. It’ll take you years to finish one unless you purchase a complex OCR software which usually is expensive. The good news is, Abukai can handle that. Among other receipts manager, Abukai is quite solid when it comes to speed. It can deliver your expense reports in a matter of seconds. In regards to accuracy, you can rely on the app. Although, you have to proofread its results as it’s not foolproof after all. However, the user interface is a little complicated so it needs a lot of getting used to.

Generated reports have cost categorization, date, vendor, and all other details so all you need is check them afterward. You’ll receive your reports via email in standard Excel or PDF. More importantly, Abukai can tailor reports based on your existing format. It can even post them directly to your or your company’s website, document management system, or ERP (enterprise resource planning) system. Supported tools include Oracle, Exact, Intacct, MYOB, Sage, FreshBooks, QuickBooks, SAP, and Xero Accounting.

If recognition matters to you, Abukai had been named as one of the six best mobile small business apps by retail company Staples, and as one of the top 5 apps for investing and finance by Nasdaq. Now that should be enough to convince you.

#8 Foreceipt

Price: Free [ Download ]


Foreceipt is another great option to manage your receipts and generate reports out of it. It’s capable of extracting receipt data, but you’ll have to proofread them since they might not be as seamless as some apps on this list. It’s easy to find your entries. You can look through your spending according to a category, month, payment method, and more.

One unique benefit you get from this app is the reminder feature so you won’t miss your utility bills or credit card dues for the month. Also, the monthly budget feature by categories greatly helps users to keep track where the money goes and how much more money they have left.

Foreceipt automatically scans receipts, bills, and receipts and picks up details such as store names, purchased goods, prices, etc. It helps you track taxes, incomes, and daily expenses on Google Drive directly from your phone. It processes entries in real time and it’s easy to use. It works offline so you don’t need to connect to the internet all the time. However, new entries will sync to the cloud once a connection is available.

Even so, the app needs improvements, including the ability to edit entries, sort receipts, and organization options. Some users have been so bummed after the developer, Relayin, cut the free monthly allowance from 100 to 50 receipts, plus five scans. Heavy app users will need to upgrade to the pro version for $1 per month.

#9 Shoeboxed

Price: Free [ Download ]


Shoeboxed is unique in a way that it allows you to send receipts to the developers via snail mail. The company will provide you a prepaid envelope that you can send to their designated address. Another distinct feature called Gmail Receipt Sync allows you to scan your email inbox for receipts. Each receipt is extracted with all the necessary details. The app can remember how you want to categorize receipts from a specific store.

Shoeboxed is also good at tracking your mileage and business cards. You can create custom expense reports and include the scans of your receipts if you want. Snap a picture of your receipts and the app will extract the retailer, date, total amount, and payment method and sort your receipts into most common tax categories. You can also access your account at Shoeboxed.com where you can do more with entries.

One drawback is the scanning of receipts which is limited to one. This could be a major hurdle for those who deal with multi-page receipts.

#10 Veryfi 4.3

Price: Free [ Download ]


Small business owners could save hundreds of bucks instead of spending them on an additional workforce. Even for multiple business owners, Veryfi is an incredible option. From data entry to categorization to reconciliation, it will do the dirty job for you.

If you have your bills and receipts sent to your email, the app can automatically sync them so you save your time and effort from cleaning out your inbox. This program can pull data from a batch of receipts in one go. Veryfi only takes seconds to process the data on your receipts, thanks to the advanced machine learning technology it uses.

The app provides support to other apps such as Google Drive, Evernote, Microsoft OneDrive, Box, Dropbox, Slack, Microsoft 365, QuickBooks, Xero, Saasu, Freshbooks, PayPal, Uber, and Lyft, among others.


A couple of aforementioned apps do scanning and safekeeping of receipts; the others allows you to generate reports. Almost all of them do pretty much the same. When choosing the right app, you just need to consider the unique features that may be of great to help to you and the up-to-date software support from the developers.

Have you tried any of these apps above? Tell us what you think in the comments section below. And don’t forget to share this article with anyone who might find this helpful.

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Argyl Dickson
Argyl Dickson

Veryfi has become useless. It only allows you to scan 10 receipts per month and it now wants you to pay over $165 per year to access the service. Now I know that this is in line for corporate clients or business users but I am a consumer just trying to track personal expenses. This is way too much for what we are trying to do in our house.


I use Numreceipt to manage the expenses. It automatically organises these expenses into a report. It is time consuming & cost effective. It has good features and simple to understand. Their help support is good. Using Numreceipt you can generate reports on spending . It’s perfect1