8 Best iOS Apps to Monitor Data Usage

Overage data charges ruffle our feathers, especially when we’re not aware how we exceed our monthly allocation. One best way to take over the reins of your data usage is through phone apps. They help us prevent from busting our limits. There are a lot of data usage monitors on the market today. Truth be told, not all of them can do their job in the most satisfactory way.

All iPhone models come with Apple’s stock data monitor. You can find it via Settings > Cellular. This is where you see your data consumption at the current period and the breakdown of how much each app has used by far. But if you’re looking for additional functionalities, you might want to take look at the nine best iPhone data usage monitor apps that we’ve curated.


#1 Data Usage Pro

Price: $0.99 [ Download ]

Data Usage

Keeping an eye on your data usage is one thing. Predicting when you’re going to reach your limit is another. Data Usage Pro was made for both. Set a daily cap to keep your paid internet use at bay. The app gives you a heads-up before going off the charts so you can adjust to your remaining data allocation.

Like any other data manager apps, this app monitors mobile data and Wi-Fi in real time. It works with any mobile data plans of any mobile carriers worldwide. And with its accurate data usage history, you can keep your data providers in check all the time.

You can customize your counters, which is best used if you have more than one plan or separate roaming plan. The App Badge Monitoring allows you to have a look at your usage without launching the app. The Today Widget gives you a quick access to your data usage right on the notification screen under today. On top of these, you can use theme colors to easily identify the changes in your current usage status.

Data Usage Pro has been consistent throughout its existence with its developers rolling out updates on a regular basis. With a very minimal price tag, it’s an app that’ll give you a lot of bang for the buck.


#2 My Data Manager

Price: Free [ Download ]

My Data Manager

If you keep pouring your data allowance down the drain, it must be daunting. You’re burning cash off guard. What’s more disconcerting is managing a limited amount of mobile data for your entire family. My Data Manager features Shared Plans to monitor the internet use of all members of your plan in a single place.

Set daily quota to take full control of your family’s internet use. Get notified when the fam’s nearly hitting the ceiling. It supports all networks worldwide, and it works on multiple platforms so you can access your status no matter what device you’re using.

The App Tracker breaks your internet consumption into pieces. The Alarms lets you set custom usage alarms to avoid bill shock. The History gives you a rundown of your previous utilization. The newest feature called Data Saver allows you to reduce your data usage.

The snag? It has no carryover feature that allows you to bring unused data to the following day. While it’s got no pesky ads and is free to download, the app developers provide research on market trends to monetize their efforts. This means you’ll have to agree to let them use your information and in-app activities for that purpose. In case, you have some privacy issues.

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#3 DataMan Next

Price: $0.99 [ Download ]

Data Man Next

DataMan Next is a breeze to use. It displays your internet (both mobile data and Wi-Fi) utilization status in a glance. It’s one of the few data trackers that carry or roll over unused data into the next day. In-app purchases include the ability to view your data consumption per hour, as well as the ability to export and import your stats.

DataMan Next is big on customization–from the colors to fonts to data usage alerts. More importantly, it doesn’t exhaust your phone’s battery life. Originally designed for your wrist, use your Apple Watch to get an immediate view of the most important data statistics.

The Data Widget provides an instant peek at your usage from any screen. The Smart Forecast lets you know if you’re about to go over your limit. The Real-time Hourly Stats gives you an up-to-date view of your consumption–no need to wait for your carrier to update. The Stopwatch widget helps in monitoring all your phone’s activities concerning your internet.

DataMan Next works with all carriers worldwide. Whatever plan you have, you can auto-set your billing cycle date. And before it even ends, the app will notify you. However, the app uses VPN for security purposes; otherwise, you won’t be able to log in.


#4 SnapStats

Price: Free [ Download ]


SnapStats is a jack of all trades and a master of none per se. It isn’t a mere network data usage tracker. It keeps tabs on your phone’s battery life, CPU, and GPU, too, and it provides device information among other things. This app can’t be more than perfect if you want to take a sneak peek at those details but don’t want to individually install apps specially made for them. That way, you’re saving a good amount of storage space.

For you to take to take full advantage of its features, you might have to avail its in-app purchases. For instance, the premium widget gives you a quick look at your overall system information without opening the app. You can choose up to five details among the system model, boot time, device display type, battery usage, network data usage, disk usage, RAM statistics, CPU usage, beautiful charts, theming system, and more.


#5 DataFlow

Price: Free [ Download ]

Data Flow

If data consumption means serious business to you, DataFlow should be of chief consideration. It operates pretty much similar to other internet usage trackers. The support for Apple Watch, however, gives an added ability to access your stats right on your wrist. In a recent update, the app provides support for iPhone X.

You can set your billing cycle date and it’ll auto reset for you. Plan options are daily, weekly, monthly, or non-recurring plan. If you ever need to see how your consumption goes in the preceding hours or days, you can view it in the data usage history. The theme styles are available to suit your mood. For T-Mobile subscribers who are on Binge On, this app is particularly useful to keep tracks of your data despite heavy consumption when streaming videos or music.

Other than mobile data and Wi-Fi usage, DataFlow monitors network speed and memory and disk space as well. DataFlow has two special features. Fancydays allows you to count down your important days, while AnyRate lets you convert any currency.

To get the most out of DataFlow’s accuracy, you need to add the app widget AirLaunch to the notification center and allow it to use background refresh. Additionally, avoid force closing it. Launching the app as frequent as possible will also help in improving the app’s precision.

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#6 DataMan Pro

Price: $5.99 [ Download ]

DataMan Pro

The expensive version of DataMan Next, DataMan Pro could be your ultimate data tracking app. It gives you the tiny details of how you use your data–every hour, every day. It suggests usage quota based on your history so you can maximize your plan and avoid overages. Touted to have the smartest prediction capability, this app can tell if you’re going beyond your cap in the most accurate manner.

Into the bargain is the mapping of your consumption so you’d have an idea where and how you’re using your data. Unlike its little brother, DataMan Pro supports rolling over your data to following day or cycle. And it works through VPN only. Other than these, this app works similar to DataMan Next. If you don’t need all those functionalities, you might want to go over the free apps on this list as they fulfill the same purposes. For a premium app, DataMan Pro can be better.


#7 DataCare

Price: Free [ Download ]


DataCare does almost everything what previous apps can. Among other features, this tool uses a chart to analyze utilization of your phone’s Wi-Fi or mobile data. You can view it either daily, weekly, or a specific period. Its method of data collection is through iOS, so even without connecting to your internet service provider, you can still fetch the necessary information.

The geolocation data usage helps you review data usage on a map, so you’d know the specific locations you’re consuming your internet. This will require background location tracking, but you can turn it off if you’re not comfortable sharing your whereabouts. Take note that GPS running in the background greatly affects the battery, which you might frown upon.

The setting of multiple data plans is great if you’re managing more than your original or main plan. You can use it, for instance, whenever you’re on a holiday vacation. Usage prediction is beneficial for people who frequently go overboard with their allocation. It’ll tell you whenever you’re on the brink of exhausting all your data allowance for the day or month.

In case you need to safeguard your Wi-Fi account and password, DataCare’s account management can do it for you. The app has ads but you can remove them for a fee.


#8 Advanced Data Usage Tracker

Price: Free [ Download ]

Advanced Data Usage Tracker

Looking for a flexible data usage tracker? Advanced Data Usage Tracker does more than what the other apps on this list can. This one’s capable of sharing your data with friends or family and conveniently track consumption. In regard to network speeds, some users may have issues with how mobile carriers present them. If you do, you can take advantage of the app’s intelligent speed test to gauge your network’s real data speed.

What makes this app more unique are the couple widgets that’ll track and show you your daily usage, limits on one hand and your data usage during a special session (with start and stop timer) on the other. Plus, the international data roaming tracking enables you to add roaming pack abroad in case you’re going on a holiday overseas. It works for both prepaid and postpaid plans across all carriers around the world. For iPhone 6s users, you can use the 3D Touch to take a glance at your 3G usage. The app also supports the Apple Watch.

Typical of a data consumption tracker, Advanced Data Usage Tracker does forecasting, giving you control over what’s coming next to your internet usage. It offers daily, weekly, and monthly trend analysis. Its mapping service can only locate your 3G and Wi-Fi usage. Even so, you still have the option to track usage of any home and office internet or any other hotspots.



To wrap it up, a data usage tracker is a must-have tool for every one of us who are constantly using either a prepaid or postpaid mobile data plan. The ultimate goal here is to keep us grounded in our consumption of limited internet. Hence, to save extra dollars from the unconscionable use of it.

We’d want to know your thoughts. Use the comments section below to share what you think of these apps. If you find this article helpful, don’t forget to share it!



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