Best Free Music Apps for iPhone & iPad

iOS is a great platform for enjoying music with dozens of amazing music apps. And there is also a lot of free music apps available for you to download as well. If you’re the ultimate music lover? You’ve come to the right place, my friend.

The App Store has many music-related apps to choose from. Whether you’re looking for the best free streaming music app or best tools to download music, we’ve got you covered in this article. Here we’ve put together the lists of best music apps that stand out from the crowd. Let’s take a look.

If you already have music files on your computer (downloaded from the Internet or your friends share with you), check out this article to know how to transfer your music collections to your iOS devices.

Google Play Music

Google Play Music iOS

Google Play Music is a music streaming service, music storage service and online music store all rolled into one. I decided to include this app in this list because it allows users to upload their own music collections to the cloud and stream them to multiple devices for free.

You can use the Music Manager app or the Google Play Music for Chrome extension on your computer to upload your personal music collection. Music files must be in these formats to be supported for uploads: MP3, AAC, Ogg, WMA, FLAC, and ALAC. You can upload a maximum of 50,000 songs and individual files can’t exceed 300MB in size.

In the US, Canada, and India, free subscribers can stream custom radio stations based on different activities, moods or artists. In exchange, these stations serve up ads between every few songs.



Spotify is one of the best streaming music services out there. The beneficial features for free users include the ability to find and hear playlists, discover new music, share music and playlist, listen to tunes picked by Spotify’s Radio feature, and play any playlist, album, or artist.

You can define specific songs and artist that you wish to listen to, as well as stream by genre, mood, and popular existing stations. The CONs of the free tier are limited standard sound quality, 6 song skips per hours. It’s also supported by advertisement and doesn’t offer the ability to save playlists offline.


Deezer Free Music App

Deezer is one of the older music-streaming sites. It’s a fully fledged free-streaming supported by adverts. The app has the notable “Here This” feature that creates a personalized music feed based on the music you most listen to or add to your favorite, as well as playlists created by others with similar music tastes to you. Much like Spotify, free users won’t be able to listen offline or without ads.

Microsoft Groove

Microsoft Groove

Microsoft Groove is basically a streaming music service, but the Groove app is more than just streaming. Since this app is integrated with OneDrive, one of the best cloud storage service out there, users can upload their personal music library to OneDrive and listen on the Groove app.

The best part is OneDrive offers free users 15 GB of storage. For most people, that amount is more than enough to store their own music. The Groove app also allows you to save your songs for listening offline. Once your music collections are synced, simply tap and hold on them and select “Make available offline”. Then you can listen to your favorite songs whenever you want, from anywhere.


8TRacks Free Music

If you want to be handed over a good playlist and a perfectly handmade music tape, welcome to 8Tracks. 8Tracks has music for different times and activities. There’s a playlist for a workout, study, happy times, dating, dance, songs to fit your mood. It features a search bar that brings up results quickly.  As a free listener, you can explore and save the playlist, access to the fun music community and share new songs. You also get personalized playlist recommendations, less repletion, a sleep timer and a YouTube integration. Comments are even allowed. You can view tracks you favorite on SoundCloud and YouTube. The free version has ads and some interruptions.

Free Music Ninja

Free Ninja Music Offers Music for Free

Free Music Ninja helps you find, discover and play best legal music on your iPhone and iPad. With more than 20 million songs to listen to, you won’t miss your taste among them. Its main features include a quick search for your music, continuous playback and also play in the background mode. It streams using any internet connection from 3G to WIFI. Its major downside is that you will get annoying ads, but that’s worth a cost for the free music you will stream.

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Sound Tube Music Streamer Pro is a free music app for your iPhone and iPad. It has been praised as the most well-designed app, and it has been labeled as the best music streamer. SoundTube has two main features but with lots of functionalities that distinguish it. They include; a music streamer and a music player. As a stream, it lets you explore and search your best music and genres. As a music player, it features a full featured media player with background music playback and sleep timer; it also supports the shuffle and repeat mode.


PindropMusic Free music apps iPhone

Sporting one of the best, sleek and easy to use interface, PindropMusic drop the most appropriate suggested music for you. This eliminates the need to skip irrelevant music every now and again, how cool is that?  Among its features, PindropMusic allows to check out and listen to what other users near you are listening, create playlists and share them, get optimized pin-drops by other users and follow different playlists from other users. It also features a search bar, and artists can promote their music and become famous.

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Pandora Radio

Pandora Radio

Unlike the mythology, the only trouble you’ll get for opening the Pandora radio is a ton of good music that evolves with your taste. Pandora gives your personalized music and the ability to create radio stations and playlists. All this is based on the artists, genres and what you love. You can rate the music, bookmark the artists and stream with no buffering. If you register for the free version, you’ll save your stations and listen to them across your devices. With Pandora, you listen to unlimited music but with limited skips and some ads. A major downside is that some of its features are limited to the US audience.


Soundcloud get music free on iPhone

Is there anyone who hasn’t tried SoundCloud? You have missed a lot. Soundcloud is a music platform where music is updated every second. You mainly get music from upcoming artists, homemade audio and also music from your favorite artists. You can post your music for other people to listen. You also connect and interact with friends and favorite artists directly, create playlists for any mood and activity and get suggestions of good music. If you want to upload your music, you need to use SoundCloud pulse app. Soundcloud also gives a 30day free trial to test their Soundcloud Go+ plan. SoundCloud is available in English, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, French, and German.

YouTube Music

Youtube Music Free Music Apps by Youtube

Enjoying YouTube videos, why not try a YouTube specifically made for music that also gives you videos? This app from Google gives you the opportunity to experience a vast playlist of music from a never-ending catalog of artists. With YouTube Music, you get a non-stop station from a video you start, personalized stations, and also live recordings and concert footages. The free music comes with ads, but you can try a free 1-month subscription of YouTube Red. It’s a premium version with added functionalities such as downloading and enjoying offline music, playing music in a screen locked device and also music without ads.



Spinrilla is an iteration of an 800lb gorilla of the latest and hottest hip-hop mixtapes. This app allows you to follow your favorite artist and it will remind you when their new album is out. You also get a chart of what’s trending, and you can sync Spinrilla and get your playlist across your devices. The best part, you have an online mode to listen to your mixtapes when you have no internet. Spinrilla also has a radio that helps you discover music that you have been missing. You can also drop comments to your favorite music.


From the name, this app delivers what it says.  A lot of radio and music in one place. It has no commercials but has fantastic features. iHeartRadio enables you to stream and listen to live podcast across the country. You can also create your music stations/playlist Based on what you listen. You can also listen to news, sports, comedy and even tune in to sports. IHeartRadio has the option that lets you view lyrics, see biography of your favorite artist and share station with your friends. You can save your favorite stations as presets, set an alarm clock and even a sleep timer. Premium version allows you to download and save music for offline listening.

Slacker Radio

Slacker Radio

Slacker Radio is one of the best free music apps for iPhone and iPad. It features pre-programmed stations for various genres. Slacker Radio free version offers you the liberty to personalize your radio experience, listen to handcrafted stations across multiple devices and also create stations based on your songs, albums, and artists. The free version, however, allows you only to skip 6 songs per hour per station. If you have a favorite station, you can tune it to play the jams you often like by popularity or year. Slacker radio also gives you exclusive music shows every week and unique interactive news and sports programming.

TuneIn Radio

TuneInRadio App

Featuring more than 100,000 stations, TuneIn Radio indeed has the largest selection of music and talk radio, sports, and news from around the world. It has been around for long, and they know the best taste in music and radio experience for you. TuneIn Radio allows you to search and listen to your favorite local stations and save them as presets. You can also listen to TuneIn radio across multiple devices including the web platform. The free version offers less feature that you might want to subscribe to a premium plan.


There are a ton of free apps that offer music and radio. But what you need for your iPhone is the best free music apps. To save you the hassle, the above list provides you stellar apps that make sure you enjoy your music free online. If you feel your favorite free music app has been left out, let us know in the comments below!

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