7 Best iPhone File Manager Apps, File Browser Apps

If you are transitioning to an iPhone, you will realize that it lacks file management capability and understandably so. All iDevices strictly prohibit access to your internal file system, blocking off unauthorized persons.

Lucky for you, there are many iPhone apps dedicated to managing your files in the most productive way. Have you found the countless options online too confusing? This review looks into the defining features of the best apps you can download.

Bleak as they may seem, these applications have the potential to make your personal and business transactions unexpectedly easy. Have a read.


#1 Documents 5

Price: Free [Download]

Documents App

Designed for excellence, this app does more than just listen, read, view, and annotate all perceivable documents on your iPhone. It is already the editor’s choice app in well over 70 countries globally. He super quick application is versatile for businesses and regular consumers alike.

As a multipurpose app, Documents 5 capably handles tasks such as cloud integration, file downloading, as well as document and PDF reading. The amazing attention to every detail means you will not miss out on the most important snippets.

Listen, Watch, and Read

With Documents 5, file management is not boring in the least bit. As you go through documents, you can listen to music offline and online. Importing your favorite movies from your PC has also been made easier.

If you fancy taking photos and videos of yourself, this file browser app grants you easy access to the photo library. Integrating all these in the dedicated cloud makes them accessible from anywhere, just as your documents will be. As you download files, feel free to save interesting pages for later.

All your essentials can be encrypted through passwords for added protection. This app is continually being upgraded, fixes bug issues as they arise.

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#2 FileMaster

Price: Free [Download]


Using the FileMaster app has been described by multiple users as extremely easy. You are only required to hold onto the desired file to transfer with a single tap. Security has been upgraded a great deal, sealing all the loopholes unauthorized persons would use.

When accessing documents locally, you will require a master password; encryption procedures get stricter when access is through the cloud. As you go through files, you can easily create new specialized folders to keep all your work neatly arranged.

Wholesome User Experience

This app supports a myriad of other uses, some totally unrelated to document management. The powerful media player built in, for instance, can play video snapshots concurrently. From within the app, users can also take private videos and photos, then lock them away.

Functions such as playing your favorite music still run in the background even after exiting the app. The app supports a total of 4 loop modes, extending versatility and functionality even further. Once you download, there will be minimal input requirements from you.

Besides running on the latest iOS software, this application shows improvement in performance and stability with each upgrade. There are countless ways of exploiting its many features.

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#3 iFiles 2

Price: $4.99 [Download]

iFiles 2

This feature-loaded and intuitive file manager app has a lot going in terms of competence and customer satisfaction. It is fully supported by online Protocols and Cloud Service providers, making it a convenient tool for those always on the go.

As a PDF reader, this application boasts of exceptional speed and versatility in customization. Users can simply search for certain words or phrases directly without having to go through entire files. All common annotations such as stamps, drawings, and free text are instantly recognizable.

File Sharing

If you have files in iFiles or your computer, you can now transfer them easily using HTTP or SMB. Users are also at liberty to upload files directly to iTunes. There are extensions designed for importing or exporting files to and from other compatible apps.

The audio engine has been revamped to grant the user more control. A re-engineered equalizer extends flexibility, giving you as much entertainment latitude as the app does file management. The ingenuity of the audio bar will keep you deeply engrossed.

With this app, you will have most of your daily needs well catered for without having to rely on other sources. New features are continually being added to improve your experience.

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#4 File Hub Pro

Price: $4.99 [Download]

File Hub Pro

If you have been grappling for a way to browse, store, and exchange files with ease, File Hub Pro avails you the perfect platform. The app is invaluable in helping users access old fashion servers with the same zeal it new modern cloud services.

When playing audio and video files, File Hub Pro won’t require you to convert to get the most out of every playlist. Today, millions around the globe rely on this app to manage documents and accomplish a host of other tasks.

Complex and Simple Passcode Support

Passcodes come in different shades for equally diverse purposes. The local file manager can be encrypted in various ways, assuring you of the highest security protocols. You won’t have to worry about the 40+ files formats supported.

Deep file searching is now possible, presented to you in different iconic viewing modes. While at it, feel at liberty to create files directly from your clipboard. All your saved documents are accessible from anywhere in the world, thanks to cloud synchronizing.


#5 File Manager Pro

Price: $4.99 [Download]

File Manager Pro

Easily ranking as one of the leading iPhone file manager apps, File Manager Pro is excellent at downloading and organizing all files under your purview. The convenience of having files at your fingertips cannot be overlooked in this data age.

Synchronization of all your documents is now possible through iCloud and other cloud services which are compatible. An intuitive user interface is in place to make navigation straightforward, saving you valuable time and effort.

A Reorganization of Traditional File Browsing

Unlike traditional file browsing, this application allows you to perform multiple tasks from a centralized location. The touch-enabled experience is a pathway to countless versatile activities you could accomplish.

Users can mark their favorite files, print documents, create new folders and many more functions. The robust document viewer is capable of deciphering many formats, all in the interest of harmonizing your files and storing them indistinguishable locations.

As a universal app, users are only required to pay for the service once; there won’t be any surprise charges down the line. It is fully refined to run on the latest iPhone X.


#6 FileApp

Price: Free [Download]


Do you often deal with multimedia contents? Managing them through this app will leave you with time on your hands, and a smile on your face. FileApp, as a robust wireless file transfer system, takes into account all potential dangers and sets up impenetrable firewalls.

You too can make use of the inbuilt image editor and its many enhancements and filters. The refined images can then be shared directly across social media platforms, making it especially crucial to business owners. Feel free to generate slideshows to make your presentation even better.

Videos, Music, and Security

From videos to MP3 files, this app plays all at the convenience of the user. Even when playing in the background, you can shuffle and manipulate files continually. Full AirPlay support only takes your entertainment a notch higher, making work a fun activity.

FileApp makes full use of the iOS Data Protection protocol, encrypting files in impenetrable ways. Before the app starts up, the user has to input a distinct Passcode, keeping all peeping toms at bay. The developer also assigned a password specifically for wireless transfers.

The latest version is replete with premium display features, designed to run on the most recent iOS platforms.


#7 OrganiDoc HD

Price: $4.99 [Download]

Offering users possibly the largest feature selection in the app store, this iOS file manager is useful beyond the office. For personal use, one could exploit the integrated cloud solutions to access private files while on the go.

Make use of the new revolutionary way to present documents in versatile interfaces. Once presentations come in, you can easily save them in your email without exiting the app. This is arguably the most refreshing way of gathering all your scattered files.

Observe Sharing Status

Besides observing as files are being shared, this app makes use of Wi-Fi and other wireless settings to dispense with tasks instantly. If you have pictures saved, they will include all the essential geolocation attributes.

TV-out features are readily supported, allowing you to use the app with your PC or iPad too. There are countless file formats across which the application works flawlessly. When using it, only minimal input will be required on your part since most functions are automated.



By parting with an affordable one-time fee, most of the file management apps reviewed will allow full exploitation of their features. Where in-app purchases are available, they are strictly within specific price caps; consumers receive full value for their money.

Do you wish to learn more about these and other leading iPhone apps across various categories? Our support team will be much obliged to offer you further insights.

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