The 7 Best Countdown Timer Apps for iPhone & iPad

Looking for the best countdown timer apps for iPhone? You probably have an important event coming up, haven’t you? Whether it is a birthday, an anniversary, a vacation abroad, or an exam, one of the best ways to make waiting more bearable is to know how long exactly you are going to wait.

When looking for a countdown timer apps, it is important to know what you need. Does the app support multiple countdowns? Does it have a comprehensive list of national holidays or annual events? Or does the app have an easy to use interface?

If those are your main criteria, check out our list of the best countdown timer apps for iPhone:

1. Countdown Star

Price: Free [Download]

Countdown Star is one of the best countdown timer apps for iPhone. Whether you are looking to time until your next birthday or you want to know how many months have passed since you were born, Countdown Star can count the exact time for you.

This app is especially useful to countdown upcoming holidays, planned vacations, concerts, a friend’s wedding, your mom’s birthday, and every single event you cannot wait to arrive. In each event, you can customize it by adding your own photo or a favorite wallpaper.

To keep you updated, you can display your events in the Today widget or on your Apple Watch. Another useful function is the app’s ability to share event details with a friend through a message, email or social media.

2. Countdown!!

Price: Free [Download]

Countdown!! may seem like shouting, but it can really get noisy, to begin with, as the app allows you to customize every event with a song. If you want to get pumped by your countdown, you can add songs to your events from your music library.

Of course, it has all the basic functionalities of a countdown timer. It lets you set up a countdown to events either in months, days, hours, minutes, or seconds.

To customize your events even further, you can do so by changing the font styles and colors to suit the background photos or wallpapers in use. In case you wish to share your events with friends and family, you can do that too. And more importantly, to keep track of your countdowns, use the widget for a quick glance at your upcoming events.

3. Exam Countdown Lite

Exam countdown Lite

Price: Free [Download]

For students of all levels who are struggling to keep up with their tests and exams, Exam Countdown Lite is the best countdown timer app for iPhone to get from the App Store. It is also best for teachers who need to set test and exam timetable for each class.

Exam Countdown Lite has a brightly colored and easy-to-use interface that will surely inspire you to mark important days, dates, exams, tests, homework, and coursework deadlines in one place. The number of dates you can set up is unlimited, no matter how far they are.

To make your student life much easier, you can color code your exams, assign unique icons, and add notes to each one of them. Exam Countdown Lite even allows you to invite your classmates, colleagues, friends, and family to join your countdown with you.

4. Countdown+ Calendar Lite

Price: Free [Download]

Countdown+ Calendar Lite is a convenient way to countdown as it already has categories for events like birthday, wedding, vacation, or concert; you only need to pick the type of event you are going to time. You can either view your countdowns on one screen or in full.

You can select a theme and tweak elements like font, color, and background shade. If you are too oblivious, set notifications and alert time for all your events to make sure you will not miss them.

Apart from being a countdown timer, Countdown+ Calendar Lite also works as a calendar. Here you can view your phone’s calendar and Facebook events in one place.

5. Event Countdown Lite

event countdown lite

Price: Free [Download]

Event Countdown Lite is another countdown, timer, and calendar app for iPhone. It is pretty straightforward as it displays all of your countdowns in a list, and you can tap on every single entry to see how many months, weeks, days, minutes, or seconds are left.

Event Countdown Lite can be customized with different colors and icon combinations. You can set notifications for your events to make sure you are updated. Also nifty is the ability to add notes to your countdowns for descriptions and important reminders.

6. Children’s Countdown Timer

Children Countdown Timer

Price: Free [Download]

For parents who are struggling to get their child to do something, Children’s Countdown Timer is here to help you out. Using its visually attractive interface and a few fun and interesting images, this app can help your 2-year-old son obtain reward chart star for doing certain tasks.

You might think it is too early to give your kid tasks. Fair enough, but Children’s Countdown Timer is a great way to train your kids, who are at their critical development stage, to become responsible. In order for your kid to understand that he/she has to beat time, the timer runs from green to amber to red.

7. Countdown+++

Price: $0.99 [Download]

Countdown++ is one of the best countdown timer apps for iPhone that mixes unlimited dates and events. Its interface is designed to be clean and intuitive, and its functionalities are simple enough to use.

The app has personalization options as well, from theme colors, notes, alarms to repetitions and more. Countdown++ creates repetitive events whether it is daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually. In addition, it can import events from your iPhone’s calendar, search events or sort them out by date, by name, etc., and send countdown stickers via iMessages.

Countdown++ support live countdown, widget, cloud syncing. If you are looking the most advanced countdown timer app for iPhone, Countdown++ can satisfy what you are looking for.


That’s all for the best countdown timer apps for iPhone. Which one are you going to be using? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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