Badge app icons in iOS: Everything you need to know

What are badge app icons?

Badge app icons are one of the three types of notifications on iPhone, besides the notifications showing up in Notification Center and on the Lock Screen. They are used to notify you if an app has new information that you have been missing.

So what does a badge app icon look like?

If you are new to iOS, you may have noticed that there is a white number in a red oval located at the top right corner of the Messages app each time you receive new messages. That is a badge app icon. In fact, the badge icon of the Messages app will appear if you have one or more unread messages.

The messages app badge icon

Badge app icons with several different apps can provide several different pieces of information. For instance, missed phone calls and voicemails will cause the badge icon of the Phone app. The badge on the Settings app icon will let you know if there is a new update available. And with the AppStore app, it tells you that there are some installed apps having a new version to download.

The badge of each app will keep showing up, count down and disappear until you have seen all the pending information within the app.


How to Turn ON/OFF badge app icon for individual apps

If you find the badge app icons of some apps are really annoying, then you can turn it off easily.

Navigate to: Settings > Notifications. Select the app you want to disable badge icon.

Select an app to turn off badge app icon

For example, I have selected the Messages app. There will be a toggle bar named Badge App Icon, now all I have to do is switch off this toggle.

Turn off badge icon for the Messages app

Easy, right? Now find the app you want to disable badge icon and do the same steps.


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Glen Katzenmeyer
Glen Katzenmeyer

Why doesn’t the badge app icon work in calendars

Daniel Khanh

Check your notification settings.