5 Best Apps to Hide Photos on iPhone

To hide photos on your iPhone, it’s fairly easy to do so without ever needing third-party apps. Whichever iPhone model you’re using, so long as it runs on iOS 8 or later, you just need to launch the Photos app, find the photo or video that you want to put out of sight, tap on the share button, choose the hide option, and tap Hide Photo to confirm. Voila! Your media is now on the Hidden album.

Be that as it may, this native iOS feature’s functionality is limited. As long as your iPhone is awake and unlocked, the items you tuck away remain an open secret. If you’re looking at extra layers of protection for your media files, we’ve created this list to show you the most outstanding options there is:

Here are five of the best apps to hide photos on iPhone:


# 1 Private Photo Vault Pro

Price: $3.99 [Download]

Private Photo App

As one of the highest-rated apps of its kind in the App Store, Private Photo Vault Pro gives you a lot of bang for your buck. The app’s well-loved Break-in Report and Decoy Password features assure you a safe place for your photos and videos.

Break-in Report secretly captures a snapshot of someone who tries to access your vault, and it tags the GPS location so you’d know where the attempt happened. Decoy Password, on the other hand, is the one you give to a nosy friend who wants to see what’s in the secret folder. Using it throws the curious off the scent to a different folder.

Private Photo Vault Pro imports your media from the Photos app. Or, you can create albums and take photos or videos right in the app. It has a private web browser and basic photo editing tools. It supports video play, iTunes syncing, wireless photo transfer, and photo transfer via email or text message.

It has two ways to hide your photos and videos or albums–by setting a PIN number and a pattern or dot locks. What may be lacking at the moment is the Touch ID or Face ID support, the best in class security technology Apple uses for its mobile devices.

How private is this app? According to the developers, your photos are stored on your device alone and are never sent to their servers. This guarantees that only you have access to your stuff. If you have second thoughts to pay for this app, you can download the free version first and see its range. You can upgrade your app to the pro version anytime through an in-app purchase.


#2 Best Secret Folder

Price: Free [Download]

Best Secret Folder

Best Secret Folder is the app that has no frills; you just get what you’re looking for. Add the photos or videos you want to keep safe, or you can use the app itself to record or capture scenes. Arrange them in groups or albums and protect them using either a password or a pattern lock. To mislead interlopers, you can use the Intruder Stopper to show fake videos. Take note, this app doesn’t solely store visual media. It can safeguard your notes and other important files, too.

Simplicity aside, Best Secret Folder allows you to embed hidden messages. On top of that, its unique phone security feature enables you to keep tabs on intruders by activating the alarm. This way, you’d know when unauthorized people attempt to access your private photos.

It keeps a record of successful logins, failed logins, pin change, and more so you’re in the loop. If login fails four times in a row, the app captures the photo and location of the intruder. You can set the photo, date, time, and location of unsuccessful attempts to be sent to your email.

You can create as many albums and protect as many photos or videos as you want. That being said, the app would need a search feature so users don’t get lost in a sea of photos, videos, albums, and folders. Nevertheless, moving them from one folder to another is very easy, so does removing.

If you wish to upgrade the app to the pro version, note that Best Secret Folder can only back your private photos to Dropbox and Google Drive but you won’t be able to bring them back to the app, unfortunately.


#3 Picture Vault

Price: Free [Download]

Picture Vaulr Lock Photo Safe

The best way to hide your photos or videos from the prying eyes of other people is to lock them up using Touch ID. Picture Vault offers that as an option besides pattern and PIN locks. You can use a decoy password to lead the persistent ones down the garden path. The app icon in itself is inconspicuous and uninteresting, which is a good thing if you want to fool snoopy friends right off the bat.

It’s so easy to move files in between folders, which can be set as invisible if one wishes to. Sending files via email or MMS is possible in just a few taps while sorting them by date, type, size, or name is seamless. The search feature allows you to quickly look for specific media. The app has a built-in video player so you won’t have to go out of the app to play moving pictures.

Picture Vault supports multiple users, giving you the ability to arrange your files more efficiently. Whenever you want to view your photos on your computer, you can do so smoothly. To spice up photo viewing, users can put background music or transition mode while doing it.

An important caveat though, Picture Vault uses a server to save your secret photos or videos. As much as the developer peddles it as only you can access your files, the creators have the ability to peek through your stuff.


#4 Keepsafe

Price: Free [Download]

Keep Safe

Boasting a laundry list of functionalities, Keepsafe is in a league of its own. More than hiding your personal photos and videos, this app can preserve copies of your important IDs, licenses, or credit cards and orchestrate your documents.

A camera function is integrated so you can capture moments directly in the app. Safe Send comes in handy if you wish to share photos or videos for a limited time. Shared Album enables your friends to access it. If you install Keepsafe on any platforms, you’ll be able to access your files from anywhere.

Going into details, Keepsafe imports your media files from your phone’s gallery and lock them up using your desired PIN. You can wipe the files from your phone’s memory, if and only if these files are backed up. Otherwise, you’ll completely lose them.

One important reminder to always keep in mind is that it’s easy to reset PIN. Long-pressing the app’s logo does it. If you know someone who uses the same app, it’s not a good idea to allow him/her access to your phone, most especially is he/she also has access to your email.

If you wish to go premium, more useful features await you. Album Lock allows you to assign unique PIN codes to each album for an added layer of protection. Private Cloud gives you enough room to store up to 5,000 items. Space Saver compresses files and saves original to the cloud instead of utilizing your phone’s memory. Trash Recovery enables you to retrieve deleted photos. Custom Album Covers allow you to set album thumbnails to a specific image. Keepsafe’s pro version allows you to export pictures back to your iPhone with only a few taps. And, you’ll be able to enjoy a totally ad-free app.


#5 KYMS (Keep Your Media Safe)

Price: $1.99 [Download]

KYMS secret photos

At first glance, you’d look at it as a calculator app. That’s the whole point of KYMS–to disguise as something it’s not to ward off onlooker attention right on the spot. Employing a military-grade encryption, this app keeps your multimedia files, documents, passwords, and others well under wraps.

Keep Your Media Safe has a multi-tab web browser with a built-in downloader which detects a video that comes into play and pops up a download option. Downloaded files are encrypted and archived as well as the browser temporary files. Even more amazing, it decrypts your files in real time. Say you tap on a video, the file immediately starts playing as decryption runs in the background.

The app supports four-digit PIN code, alphanumeric password, and Touch ID login. Panic Gesture allows you to quickly log out of the app by placing your hand on the screen or closing the smart cover. Likewise, you have the option to create a customizable private database of passwords and PINs.

Premium KYMS subscribers can take advantage of the app’s ability to import phonebook contacts or create new secret contacts. It has a wallet that handles your bank, loyalty, debit, and credit cards and automatically scans the numbers and barcodes for future references. On top of those, paying subscribers can make use of the photo editor, document editor, audio recorder, and document scanner.



A bunch of other apps to hide your media files are available in the App Store. Lest you forget, your topmost concern should be the security of your photos and videos. Therefore, you might want to pay close attention to how app developers store your photos and videos.

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