7 Best Apps to Add Text to Photos on iPhone & iPad

You don’t have to import your photos to the PC then edit them with bloated software like Photoshop.

If you just want to add nice text to photos, we have compiled a list of 7 great apps for your iPhone, each has its own set of strengths and weaknesses, that you can take a look at. Check them out below:

1. Over

Price: Free [Download]

Over Edit & Add Text to Photos on the App Store

Over is one of the top-rated graphics design tools on the App Store. It’s easy to use, allowing you to create stunning materials like a pro for every occasion. Whether you want to create an invitation, business card, infographics, Instagram posts, meme, blog or email header, ebook cover, or just about anything, this app is surely going to unload some burden off your shoulders. Whatever you want to do with texts — make it pop, enlarge it, frame it, mask it — this app has all the functionalities you need to make your photos look alive with texts.

Over also boasts a vast library of customizable templates, ready-to-use graphics, royalty-free images, and so much more. You can upload your own font in case you can’t find it in its library, or download font packs every day to spice up your works. However, not all of them are readily available to use in the free version of the app. To take advantage of its full version, you need to shell out $14.99 per month, an amount that many users have frowned upon.

2. Typorama

Price: Free [Download]


Typorama is Photoshop simplified, letting you throw in text and photos to create gorgeous typographic designs. Just upload a background image, select the desired font template, then edit the text. Voila! You get your finished product in seconds. You can also choose preinstalled high-res images straight off Pixabay and Unsplash. Typorama targets those who aren’t confident in their design skills. Its templates allow you to create complicated text layouts with varying fonts and typefaces in just a few taps, saving you tons of work. Typorama has over 50 text styles, over 100 fonts and typefaces, and a range of design tools, add-ons, filters, and even quotes.

3. Phonto

Price: Free [Download]


If you’re looking for a dedicated text-on-photo app for your iPhone, Phonto might be what you need. It has more than 400 font styles that you can take advantage for free. And if that’s not even enough, you can install other fonts of your choice. Phonto works pretty straightforward, add text to your photo, then adjust the text size, color, gradient, line spacing, perspective, etc. You also have the option to add a stroke, shadow, or background color and change text kerning. Overall, Phonto is a simple app that allows you to do more without being complicated.

4. Typic

Price: $3.99 [Download]

Typic Text on Photos

Of all the text-on-photo apps, Typic is the more professional one. As a premium app, it goes beyond the usual mawkishly designed text layouts. So whether you use it to design a business card, email header, flyer, or social media posts, Typic can deliver the right amount of elegance you need in an app like this. You can also take advantage of the logo designer tools as well as the adjustment tools to make the most of this app. Most of all, a very nifty feature of Typic is that ability to make instant photo mockups so you can reuse the design later on.

5. PicSee

Price: Free [Download]


What sets PicSee apart from the others is that it allows you to use the available templates and edit each element of the typographic design, not just the photo and the text. If you think text and photo alone is boring, enhance your masterpieces using filters and adjustments, and feel free to add stickers and other available text artworks to your photos. All in all, PicSee is a great option if you want a more customized work rather than depending solely on templates.

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6. Write Behind

Price: Free [Download]

Write Behind

Unlike most of the entries on this list, Write Behind is quite different from all of them. Just as the name suggests, it enables you to recreate images with text on it placed right behind the objects. It’s a new and creative way of adding text to photos in a mobile app, the kind of functionality that we can only experience in high-powered photo editing tools. If you want to be unique in your social media posts, covers, invitations, posters, etc, then Write Behind can definitely help you with that. Write Behind has over 85 fonts to choose from, plus various effects, scales and gradients, brushes, and more to up your typographic design game.

7. Text Caption

Price: Free [Download]

Text Caption for photos

Text Caption gives you more room to unleash your artistic side as it goes beyond just adding text to your photos. With this app, you can adjust the orientation and perspective of texts, perfect if you want to achieve an effect. For instance, a text written on the wall. It also features real-time filters and fonts that you can add to your photo straight out of the camera. Text Caption isn’t only a one-template wonder as it allows you to add multiple lines of text on a single image. However, the nagging watermark has been a real pain for most users as well as the pop-up ad forcing you to upgrade to the pro version.


Know that gobs of text-on-photo apps are available on the App Store. But most of them work pretty much the same (they differ in design only). What we have on this list are top-rated apps that have different strengths and weaknesses, so be sure to weigh in on them.

Do you have a favorite app to add text to photos for your iPhone? We’d love to read it in the comments!


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