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If you have looked for a screen recorder app for iOS before, I’m sure you have seen this app – AirShou Screen Recorder. The reason this app gains fame and becomes so popular is because it does not require you to jailbreak your iPhone and iPad, just follow simple instructions and you can have it installed on your device.

Unfortunately, Apple strictly prohibits screen recorder app and always tries to avoid these apps. Apple concerns that malicious screen recorder app can run in the background and record users’ information, negatively affect users without them realizing it.

iPhone screen recorder: AirShou

That’s why you cannot find any apps on the App Store for this purpose. Luckily, we can still install apps from third-party sources other than App Store. If you’ve been following this blog, you might know that AirShou, Vidyo, GBA4iOS,… all these apps need certificates by Apple to works and the ways to install them always change. This post is about AirShou Screen Recorder, and I will try to bring you the latest information as well as update new methods to install the app.

AirShou Screen Recorder’s features:

  1. Rendering high-quality recordings of intensive games and apps with less processing power
  2. Recording iOS devices’ screen with high resolution (up to 1080p @ 60FPS)
  3. Recording in four orientations without time limit
  4. Saving videos directly to the Camera Roll

How to install AirShou screen recorder

Some tutorials on how to install AirShou out there are likely to give you some download links. But as I have tested, they don’t work anymore.

The issue I have experienced is when the app was installing on my device, the process suddenly stopped and a pop-up appeared telling me “Unable to download Item” or “Could not be installed at this time”. And many other users have encountered the same thing.

The best solution to deal with this issue now is to install via Tutu Helper, which is an app market for iOS & Android. Once you have installed Tutu Helper on your iPhone, launch it and follow the instructions below to get AirShou.

Step 1: Search for AirShou, then tap “Get” to download AirShou Screen Recorder

Download AirSHou Screen Recorder

Step 2: The download process will start and take a few seconds to complete. You can tap on the Manager tab and select Getting to see the app being downloaded.

Step 3: In the Manager tab, tap on the sub-tab Manager. From here you can find all the games and apps you have downloaded using Tutu Helper. To install AirShou, tap on the “Install” button beside it. Then, select “Install” to confirm when being asked.

Step 4: Go back to the Home screen and you will see the AirShou app icon. At this point, although AirShou has been installed on your device, you still cannot use it yet. Try to launch the app, you’ll get a message saying “Untrusted Enterprise Developer…”

Step 5: To fix the issue, go to Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management. Find the app profile that belongs to AirShou and trust it. Now you’re completely done with the installation process. AirShou is ready to record your iPhone’s screen.

[alert-note]If after a few days you get the “Untrusted Enterprise Developer…” message again, then remove the app, open Tutu Helper > Manager and reinstall AirShou (Step 3 to Step 5)[/alert-note]

How to use AirShou to record iPhone’s screen

[alert-success]Make sure your device is connected with a Wi-Fi network. AirShou works by simulating an AirPlay Mirroring connection to itself so you first need to connect your device to a Wi-Fi network to get it to work.[/alert-success]

If you launch AirShou for the first time, you may be asked to log in using a account ( is the gamer community behind AirShou). You can also log in by using your Facebook, G+ account. It’s easier as we’ve already had these accounts.

In the main screen, you will see two options: Broadcast & Record. Broadcast is for gamers who want to broadcast with the community. If all you need is record your device’s screen, then select Record.

How to use AirShou Screen Recorder

Next, enter the name of the resulting file (it will be a .mp4 file), select Orientation and Resolution  (720p is good enough). Then tap on Next step.

Open Control Center by swiping up from the bottom of the screen, tap on AirPlay and select Airshou. AirShou will automatically start recording the screen as soon as AirPlay is connected.

How to use AirShou Screen Recorder

Now perform the tasks on your iPhone/iPad that you want to record. When you’re on the Home screen, you will see the status bar turning to red. This indicates that the app is running in the background and you’re recording your screen. Once done, go back to the AirShou app and tap the STOP button.

[alert-success]Tip: To get rid of the red status bar, open any games or apps that don’t show the status bar in their interface, then go back to Home screen. You will now see the original transparent status bar as before. You can then use a video editing app to trim the resulting video and keep the relevant part of it.[/alert-success]

Recorded videos will be saved within AirShou and you can find them by tapping on the Play button in the top right corner from the main screen of the app. From there, you have options such as Play, Open in…, Save to Camera Roll, and Delete.

I recommend you to save your videos to Camera Roll after recording. Using AirShou is not a permanent method and once Apple revokes the certification, the app will be no longer available to use. It means you will lose all your videos saved in AirShou. There are also many other solutions when it comes to recording iPhone’s screen, check out this post to discover them all.

That’s it. I’ve walked you through the whole tutorial on how to install and use AirShou screen recorder. Hopefully, you can install the app on your device with no trouble. If you know another method that is more handy and convenient to install this app, or have issues while installing & using AirShou, let me know via comments.

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