How to Add Music to a Video on iPhone

You can add music to your videos by using the iMovie app from Apple. With iCloud Drive and the “Copy to” feature, you can now import music to the app without the need of using iTunes.

iMovie is always my #1 choice when it comes to editing video on the move. It’s free, no ad, no watermark and offers lots of powerful features.

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Without further ado, I will show you how to use iMovie to add music to your iPhone videos.

How to Add Music to a Video on iPhone

Step 1: Install iMovie

Download iMovie from the App Store if you have not installed it yet.

Step 2: Prepare your video and music.

iMovie imports videos from three sources: the Photos app, Camera & iCloud Drive.

For background music, you can choose to use:

  1. Soundtracks and theme music from iMovie’s collections.
  2. iTunes: music that you have synced to your iPhone / iPad using iTunes on your computer.
  3. Voiceover.
  4. Imported songs from iCloud Drive.
  5. Music from other third-party apps: this option is hidden, and I will show you how to make use of it in this tutorial.

Personally, I use iCloud Drive to manage the music library for editing videos. I don’t want to sync music to my iPhone using iTunes every time I want to make a travel film or Youtube video.

With iCloud Drive, I can just find the songs I like, save it to the cloud and use it whenever and wherever I need to.

If you make your own music using some apps like Garage Band or Logic Pro X, then iCloud Drive will also keep the music synced as well.

Step 3: Editing – Add music to your video

Create a new project in iMovie, select the videos you want to edit, and tap Create Movie.

The app will bring you to the editor with the videos added to the timeline.

add music to video on iPhone using iMovie

Tap the + button (the Add Media button), you have several options to add background music.

1- By selecting Audio, you can add:

  • Soundtracks: The iMovie’s collection of soundtracks divided into separate themes. Some soundtracks need to be downloaded before you can use. Once downloaded, tap on a song to hear and tap the (+) beside it if you want to add it to your project.
  • My Music: Songs that you have synced from your computer using iTunes. If you have imported music from other apps before, they can be found in “Imported”.
  • Sound Effects: The collection of sound effects comes with iMovie.

2- Voiceover: Record sound and add it to the project directly.

3- iCloud Drive: Music files that are stored in your iCloud Drive. When you tap on the file, it will be downloaded and imported into your project.

Import music from iCloud Drive

Using iCloud Drive, as I mentioned, is the easiest way to add music to iMovie. You can just download songs you like to your computer and upload it to iCloud Drive, no need to use iTunes.

Actually, there is one more option to add music to iMovie, it’s by using the “Copy” feature that might be available in some apps.

For example, I use Documents as my file manager app. I have downloaded sounds and music from the Internet directly to my iPhone using this app only.

import music from another app

To add the music from Documents, I can simply tap on the three-dot button next to the file, select Share. And from there, I can select “Copy to iMovie” to import it to the project.

You only need to import once. The next time you want to add the same music, go to Audio > My Music > Imported. All music that you copy from other apps can be found here.

This feature is useful because sometimes we can make use of it to import music from different sources.

We can add a song from an email, or we can download songs directly from the Internet (like how I use the Documents app) or receive sound files from your friend’s Android devices,…etc.

When the background music is added, they are colored green in the timeline below the video.

edit video on iPhone

You can trim, split or duplicate the sound. By default, if the video lasts longer than music, the app will loop music to fit the length of your movie. You can also add multiple songs and arrange them by dragging them in the timeline.

When you’re done editing, tap Done and export project or save the video to your Photos app.

And that’s how you can add music & sounds to a video on iPhone. Hopefully, this article has been helpful for you. If you have any question, feel free to drop it below 😀


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