About us

Hi everyone, I’m Erik, one of the writers behind this blog. Just want to share with you guys a bit about our story.

iPHONEBYTE.com was initially just a wordpress.com-based blog, where I loved to share my knowledge, tips, tricks and cool things that I’d discovered while using my iPhone and iPad. In fact, I’ve been a Cydia enthusiast since I was gifted my first iPhone 3G from my parents. I remember diving into this amazing world every day, installing, testing and of course, removing a lot of packages, tweaks, and themes. After playing around with these ‘toys’, I shared my experiences on my blog or videos on Youtube.

That’s the history of this blog. Now I and my friend, Tage- also an iOS lover, decide to take it to a new level. Here we have been and will be continuing sharing our knowledge, tips & tricks that are really helpful to iOS users from all over the world. We won’t focus on latest news, information, trends about iOS, iPhone, iPad since there are a lot of big blogs, huge websites out there that have been doing a good job. Instead, we will mainly focus on creating tutorials, guides, and collections of iOS games and apps that are really useful and essential, making the life of every user, especially new users become easier and more enjoyable.


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