Best 3D Touch jailbreak tweaks on Cydia

3D Touch is a new technology provided by Apple and applied on iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, and the next iPhone generations. With this technology, iOS devices have the ability to detect the amount of pressure exerted on the screen and perform actions accordingly.

The functionality of 3D Touch is good. But developers, by taking advantage of jailbreaking and Cydia, have been taking 3D Touch usage to a higher level. They’ve developed a lot of jailbreak tweaks that utilize the new technology to offer more amazing features.

And in this post, I will list out the best Cydia tweaks for 3D Touch to help you find out the tweaks you need to install. Even if you don’t happen to own a 3D Touch supported device, you can still use the tweaks in this list by using an additional tweak that simulates 3D Touch gesture.

The Ultimate Collection of 3D Touch Cydia Tweaks:

#1 Forcy

Forcy allows you to take advantage of 3D Touch Quick Actions from the Home screen on none-3D Touch devices. So instead of pressing firmly on the app icons, you can now access the 3D Touch Quick Actions menu by swiping up on the app icons on the Home screen.

Forcy does not offer Quick Actions for Maps and Photos yet. It also does not offer the contextual dynamic Quick Actions found on iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. And one more thing, the tweak cannot be used with third-party apps, even if they support 3D Touch.

Although Forcy has a few limitations, I think it is still a great way to take advantage of new features.

#2 RevealMenu

RevealMenu and Forcy both bring 3D Touch to older iOS devices that don’t have a 3D Touch display.

This tweak allows you to tap and hold on any app icon on the Home screen to view the 3D Touch Quick Actions menu. Furthermore, you can slide your finger directly to any of the menu options without lifting your finger off the screen. This is what makes RevealMenu worth checking out.

Since the long press gesture is now used by RevealMenu, you have to swipe up an app icon to enter jiggle or edit mode.

The main difference between RevealMenu and Forcy is that RevealMenu requires you to tap and hold on an app icon to invoke Quick Actions menu, while Forcy requires you to swipe up on an app icon to do the same thing.

#3 Tether 


Tether is a new jailbreak tweak that brings an unique way for creating Alarms, Reminders and Calendar events quickly from the Home screen. By performing a 3D Touch gesture on an empty space on the Home Screen, you can invoke the Tether interface, which consists of a time box and a line extending from it. After entering the tweak’s interface, you can then drag your finger around the screen to select a time. When you lift your finger after adjusting to the right time, a pop-up will appear, letting you set up new Alarm, Reminder, or Calendar event.

After installation, Tether starts working immediately. It does not have its own preference panel in Settings app so don’t try to find it ?

If you’re using an older device, which is a non-3D Touch device, you can simply do a triple-tap-and-hold gesture instead.

#4 Snakebite

Snakebite - Cydia Tweak for 3D Touch

Snakebite is a brand new Cydia tweak that allows users to access an app launcher by force touching on their devices. Originally, performing a 3D Touch on the left side of the screen opens the App Switcher. But with this tweak installed, the App Switcher will be replaced by a new dock bar, which contains your favorite apps or recently used apps. This dock bar can be accessed from within an app, from the Lock screen or anywhere else. If you want to open the App Switcher while using this tweak, you can tap on the Multitasking shortcut icon at the bottom.

After installing, you can further customize the setup from preference panel in the stock Settings app. Feel free to choose your favorite apps, blur style for the dock bar, a number of apps to be shown and more . Snakebite does not require 3D Touch. If you do not have a 3D Touch display, you can utilize this tweak by tapping and swiping towards the right instead.

#5 3D Touch Notifications

3D Touch Notifications brings an awesome new way to interact with notifications by letting you peek and pop from the Lock screen and Notifications Center. With the tweak installed, you can preview the content of notifications without having to launch the actual app. You can also perform relevant actions. For instance, pressing firmly on a Message notification and swiping upwards will reveal the whole conversation. And if you swipe up even further, you will reveal all the action buttons such as Reply, Call and Mark as Read. This tweak currently supports the notifications from Calendar, Facetime, Mail, Messages and Phone.

3D Touch Notifications works on all devices running iOS 9. But if yours is not a 3D Touch capable device, you need to install additional jailbreak tweaks like revealMenu or Forcy, which allow you to simulate peek and pop gestures.

#6 Appendix

Appendix allows you to launch apps in the Homescreen folders without having to open the folders. So this saves a bit time and effort.

Appendix - Cydia Tweak for 3D Touch

By simply performing a 3D Touch gesture on a folder of your choice, the shortcut menu will open up and show you the first four apps contained within the folder. You can now tap on any one of these apps to launch them quickly.

If you want to use Appendix on a non-3D Touch device, you need to first install additional tweaks such as RevealMenu and Forcy, which brings 3D Touch functionality to all iOS 9 devices.

#7 Tactful

Tactful tweak brings the 3D Touch functionality to Cydia app. It not only offers 3D Touch shortcut for Homescreen Cydia icon, but it also allows users to peek into Cydia packages from within the app.

Tactful - Cydia Tweak for 3D Touch

With Tactful installed, whenever you perform 3D Touch gesture on Cydia app icon, you will see a menu consisting four shortcuts: Refresh Repos, Add Repo, View Recent Installations and Search Cydia. This menu helps you use Cydia more efficiently. You will no longer have to perform various steps to get a task done.

In addition to that Tactful also adds peek and pop functionality to Cydia enabling users to view details of a package. You can also press hard on a cell to add/remove a tweak.

#8 Point-And-Shoot

Point-and-Shoot Cydia Tweak

Point-And-Shoot gives you a new way to take photos faster by using the 3D Touch Quick Actions menu of the Camera app icon from the Home screen. It certainly does make snapping photos or recording videos more convenient.

Here is how it works by default. When you press hard on the Camera icon and select the Take Selfie or Take Photos options from the Quick Actions menu, the menu will be replaced by a live camera viewfinder, allowing you to take photos without launching the app.

# 9 CamTouch


By default, 3D Touch shortcut menu is limited to a maximum of four options. But with the CamTouch jailbreak tweak, two new options that allow you to take Panorama photos and record time-lapse videos will be added.

In order to make the tweak work, you have to install a second tweak named UnlimShortcut as a compulsory requirement. This tweak removes the four-shortcuts limit and lets other tweaks add more options to the 3D Touch Quick Actions menu.

#10 Cabbage

Cabbage is a cool tweak for music fans. It lets you use 3D Touch to queue tracks for Up Next playback in the stock Music app. Instead of performing various steps to get this task done, all you have to do now is perform a 3D Touch gesture on a song that you want to add to the UpNext list. A red notification will show up at the top of the status bar in order to notify you that the selected song has been added.

Apart from the list of Best 3D Touch Cydia Tweaks I’ve mentioned above, here are some additional tweaks that are also worth checking out.

EasyClear: ($1.49 BigBoss) EasyClear lets you dismiss notifications badges on app icons, notifications from Notification Center and on your Lockscreen with a 3D Touch gesture.

Quick Center: ($0.99 )

With this tweak, you can use 3D Touch gesture on the various toggle switches and shortcut buttons in the Control Center in order to get things done quickly. For instance, when you perform a 3D Touch gesture on the Wi-Fi toggle, you’ll see a quick menu that lets you switch between available networks without having to go to the stock Settings app. (Yahoo Tech)

Brevis: ($1.00) Brevis allows you to customize the look of the 3D Touch Quick Actions menu. You can hide the labels, adjust the icon size, change the text settings and more.

Lautus: (Free) Lautus lets you clear caches of specific apps by adding a new Clear Cache option to Quick Actions menu.

CalculatorCopy (Free) CalculatorCopy adds a new Copy Last Result option to Quick Actions menu for Calculator app.

Grams ($0.99): Grams is a cool tweak that utilizes 3D Touch to measure the weight of objects weighing up to 385 grams.

Your thoughts.

What are your favorite tweaks?

Or maybe you have a question about one of these tweaks that I’ve mentioned.

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